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The provincial government executive meeting on Feb 22, 2017

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The executive meeting of Anhui Provincial Government, chaired by Governor Li Guoying on Feb 22, passed an energy development plan during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, measures for supporting the persons returning or going to the countryside for startups and innovation to promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas and provisional measures for the overall planning of work injury insurance at the provincial level, and discussed the introduction of river chief system across the province and the establishment of the credit supervision, warning and punishment mechanism for the dishonest persons subject to enforcement.

Efforts would be made to develop non-fossil energy on a large scale to increase the supply of clean and renewable energy. Innovations are encouraged to improve the efficiency of energy use. A favorable energy development environment will be created by the implementation of policies regarding energy investment, production and consumption and the reform of energy price.       

As a province with abundant labor source exported, it will make use of the advantages to carry out fiscal, financial, skill training, land use and electricity supply policies and establish a variety of parks for entrepreneurship with the aim to attract and support people returning to going to the countryside for startups and innovation.

The introduction of overall planning of work injury insurance at the provincial level is conducive to guarding work injury insurance fund against risk and protecting the legal interests of employees suffering work injury. A work injury insurance information system will be set up to ensure the exchange of information about insurance registration and payment, work injury identification and the settlement of insurance claim. The collection of premium for work injury will be intensified according to the set premium rate and relevant laws. Efforts will be made to improve the work concerning work injury identification and work competence appraisal.

Work should be done to strengthen water resources protection, water pollution prevention and control, water environment treatment and water ecological restoration. The river chief meeting system, information sharing system and work inspection system will be established to ensure the protection of rivers and lakes.

A credit information management system will be established and improved to enforce joint punishment on dishonest persons. Measures will be taken strictly to put a limit on dishonest persons.

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