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Anhui’s imports and exports surged in Jan

source:ah.gov.cn author:Rain release date:2017/02/16 hits:112

Anhui’s imports and exports continued to increase this January, with a growth rate 0.3 percentage points higher than the national average, according to Hefei Customs.

The figure shows that the total imports and exports of Anhui reached 25.14 billion yuan in January, increasing by 19.9 percent year on year. Of this total, the imports grew by 17.4 percent to reach 15.89 billion yuan, while the exports rose by 24.5 percent to be 9.25 billion yuan.

The foreign trade with developed regions kept growing. The trade with European and North American countries amounted to 4.15 billion yuan and 4.17 billion yuan, increasing by 9 percent and 20.9 percent respectively.

The exports of mechanical and electrical products surged by 20.4 percent. A total of 16 thousand automobiles were exported, 1.8 times higher than those exported last January. That of high-tech products amounted to 3.04 billion yuan, increasing by 16.2 percent.