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Where to Spend the Lantern Festival in Hefei

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The Lantern Festival, a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar and marking the end of Chinese New Year celebrations, will fall on Saturday this year. During the festival, besides eating the iconic food yuanxiao (glutinous rice balls), it's also a tradition to go out at night to enjoy lantern shows.

Here we have selected some events to guide you through the Lantern Festival.

City God Temple Lantern Show

Hefei Chenghuangmiao, or City God Temple, is staging a grand show to mark the festival, enabling visitors to enjoy traditional activities like guessing lantern riddles, learning paper-cutting and making yuanxiao.

Date: Feb 9 - Feb 11, 2017

Location: 118 Huoqiu Road, Luyang district

Leijie Lantern Show

Countless red lanterns and 100 pairs of traditional palace lanterns will decorate Leijie, the biggest night market in Hefei, in celebration of the Lantern Festival. Meanwhile, a traditional Chinese costume show is also to be held.

Date: Feb 11, 2017

Location: In the northeast intersection of Ningguonan Road and Shuiyangjiang Road, Baohe district

Ancient Sanhe Town Folk Cultural Festival

Besides lantern shows, there will be many traditional performances such as dragon dancing, land boat dancing and Luju opera singing.

Date: Feb 11, 2017

Location: Sanhe township, Feixi county