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Park in Memory of Bao Zheng Announces Big Move

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/01/23 hits:243

Hefei, the capital of East China's Anhui province, is expanding the Lord Bao Park into a large anti-graft-themed attraction and applying for 5A status for it, Anhui Business Daily reports.

The move is part of the city’s efforts to attract more tourists from around the world and raise its profile as the hometown of Bao Zheng (999-1062), a famous government officer who demonstrated extreme honesty and uprightness during his 25 years in civil service in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).

Commonly known as Bao Gong, or Lord Bao, the late officer is honored in China as the symbol of justice and assumes special significance amid a sweeping anti-corruption campaign around the country.

Covering an area of 34.5 hectares, the park boasts scenic spots such as the Temple of Lord Bao, the Tomb of Lord Bao, Qingfeng Pavilion and Fuzhuang Yard.

The Temple of Lord Bao was first constructed in 1066, being the earliest memorial temple of its kind either at home or abroad. Lying on the southern bank of the picturesque Baohe River, the Tomb of Lord Bao is the burial place of Bao Zheng, his wife and their offspring. The 42-meter-tall Qingfeng Pavilion was built at the 1,000th anniversary of his birth to carry forward the incorruptible and impartial spirit of him. Formerly known as Lord Bao's Academy, the Fuzhuang Yard is a Hulzhou-style garden complex where there are pavilions, artificial hills, flowers, numerous birds, waterfalls and luxuriant plants.

Local authorities at both provincial and municipal levels are inviting tenders from across the country to design the park with the theme of clean governance culture. They will also develop it into a national top-rated 5A tourist attraction.