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Anhui’s Scenic Spots to Offer Free Admission in Spring Festival

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/01/20 hits:251

A number of tourist attractions in East China's Anhui province will offer free admission to visitors during the upcoming Spring Festival, Anhui Business Daily reports.

The spots are Tianzhu Mountain in Qianshan county, Daishan Lake in Feidong county, Sanhe township in Feixi county, Wanfo Lake in Shucheng county, Tunxi Old Street in Tunxi district, Tile,Wood & Stone Carvings Museum in Jixi county, Huangtian village in Jingxian county, Xiangshan Scenic Area in Xiangshan district, Xiongcun village in Shexian county, Lingxiasu village in Huangshan district and Shuidong township in Xuancheng city.

Tianzhu Mountain will hold special activities in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, such as blessing trips, dragon lantern dancing, traditional weddings and intangible cultural heritage shows.

Wanfo Lake, rated as a 5A attraction last year, is introducing measures to boost winter tourism business. With the theme of "a tour of Wanfo Lake in winter", the drives will be effective throughout February 28.