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Factor Cost

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Anhui is rich in human resources with 43,420,000 employees and is capable of meeting the needs of talents with various levels in various industries with more than 300,000 higher education institution graduates annually. The labor cost in Anhui Province is about 30% lower than that in coastal areas.


The land cost in Anhui Province is lower than that in coastal areas by implementing land incentive policy, different taxation policy of land use, promotion of enterprise land use level. As to the great projects which meet the requirements of adjustment-to-promotion and projects of being great, new and special, newly-added land use will be granted according to the provincial reserve land use regulations.

Water, Electricity and Gas

Anhui Province is rich in electricity resources with abundant water energy, wind energy and solar energy. It is the pilot city of national transportation and distribution electricity price reform. Electricity distribution price is independently established according to the principle of granted rational proceeds plus the cost. Therefore, the electricity price in industry and commerce are adjustable by a certain amount. Generally speaking, the gas price and water price is relatively lower than that in coastal areas.


It takes one or two days at the soonest to transport goods from Anhui Province to foreign countries or regions in Asia, Europe and the east and west coast of the US. International logistics service is available from companies such as SINOTRANS, PGL, DHL and TNT. The recent logistics cost of various transportation mode just for reference is listed in the sheets below.