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Natural Resources

There are 160 mineral resources (sub minerals included) detected. There are also 124 reserve-proven resources, including 6 energy mineral resources, 22 metal mineral resources, 94 non-metal mineral resources and 2 steam mineral resources. The available reserves of mineral resources such as coal, iron, copper and iron sulfur in Anhui rank top across the nation. There are 17 newly-detected large and medium scale mineral deposits as well as 1 reserve-proven mineral resource.

Scientific and Educational Resources

Anhui Province is the pilot province of national technology innovation and there are dozens of national research institutes such as Hefei Institute of Material of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) as well as 108 higher education institutes such as University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei University of Technology (HFUT), PLA Electronic Engineering Institute. Besides, there are 4093 various research institutes with 2,204,000 professionals. There are 5 national great scientific engineering projects, 1 national laboratory, 21 national key engineering laboratories. As the provincial capital of Anhui Province, Hefei is the first pilot city of national scientific innovation as well as the city most affluent with great scientific engineering projects besides Beijing.

Innovation Development

For years, the number of application for invention patent and approval in Anhui Province have both ranked among the top in the country. In 2015, there are 705 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements acquired, 127,709 patent application accepted, 1 international standard established, 100 national standard established, 259 local standard established or revised. There are also 62 national geographic brand products and 1,329 provincial brand products.

Tourism Resources

Mount. Huangshan and the ancient villages Xidi Village and Hongcun Village have been included in the world cultural heritage list by UNESCO. There are 10 national key scenic spots such as Mount. Huangshan, Mount. Jiuhua, Mount. Tianzhu, Mount. Langya, Mount. Qiyun, Caishiji, Chaohu Lake, Huashan Grotto, Taiji Cave and Huating Lake. There are 5 national historically and culturally famous cities such as Shexian County, Shouxian County, Bozhou City, Anqing City and Jixi County. There are 6 national natural reservation area, 29 national forest park and 56 national key cultural relics protection sites.