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Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd

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Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd is one of China’s largest Building Material Enterprise Groups, founded in September 1996, which owns national technology research and development center. Its headquarters is located in Wuhu, Anhui Province. The Group is the first A&H shares listed company in cement industry, which holdings two listed companies, Conch Cement(HK00914、600585)and Conch Profiles(000619), besides, it shares West China Cement, Jidong Cement, Xingjiang Qingsong Building Materials and Xinli Finance. The Group has more than 150 subsidiary companies distributed in 21 provinces of China, even in Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and other countries. The business of Conch Group involves cement, chemical building, energy conservation, environment protection, international trade, hotel catering, etc. It has more than 50000 employees now.

Cement Manufacturing is the main industry of Conch Group. Over the years, Conch Group insists on developing new dry process cement technology and improves the level of modernization, large-scale and intensification constantly during cement manufacture. What’s more, as China’s cement industry leader, it develops and promotes Cement Kiln Cogeneration, Waste Incineration and other new technologies of energy conservation and environment protection, which leads the optimization of cement industry structure and improvement of energy saving and emission reduction technology. 


10-million-ton production base of Conch Cement

Energy saving equipment manufacturing base of Conch

New chemical building materials is another important industry of Conch Group. Through introduction of advanced technology and complete equipment from Germany and Austria, the energy conservation and environmental protection materials of windows and doors have advantages of scientific design, heat preservation, sound insulation, etc. The marketing network of Conch Profile spreads all over China with more than 35% of domestic market share, moreover, the production and marketing volume ranks the first in the world for 12 consecutive years.

Production line of Conch Profile


Conch Group enjoys a good reputation domestic and overseas based on its superior quality and excellent service. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including the United States, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on through international trade, and it becomes the largest single brand supplier all over the world.


Export products

Conch Group takes fresh attitude and adheres operation concept “Creating future living space for human”. It insists on innovation, speeds up structural adjustment, promotes industrial upgrading and works hard to create a sound and rapid development new situation, moving forward to an international excellent enterprise group.

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