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Story of President Xi Jinping’s Visit in Anhui

source:Anhui Today release date:2016/08/29 hits:2005

Having Special Bond with Anhui’s Development—Xi Asks Anhui to Work out a New Path for the Beautiful Future

During his visit, Xi also reviews the provincial government work report. He urges the local authorities to intensify their supply-side structural reform to tackle the downward pressure on the economy.

Xi Jinping fully affirms Anhui’s achievements in economic and social development. He points out that Anhui provincial authorities have united and led the people from all walks of life throughout the province to implement the strategies and decisions prepared by the central authorities since the 18th CPC National Congress. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is surely satisfied with the work in Anhui.

Xi Jinping points out that Anhui has been standing on a new historical starting point of its development. Anhui promotes green development, has good foundation for low carbon development and pushes forward in-depth reform. The province aggressively opens up to the outside world as an inland province, implements innovation-driven development strategy, and has an advantage for industrial upgrading. Anhui leadership should further emancipate the mind, make intensified efforts and work in a pioneering and innovative way to create a better future.

Xi stresses that the outline of “Thirteenth Five Year Plan” has implemented the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, reflecting the new requirements of the new development concept on practice, and reflecting the will of the people and the expectations of the society. It is the action guidance at the decisive stage of building a comprehensive well-off society.

Leaders of the party committees and governments at all levels should work in accordance with the overall layout of the “Five-in-One Principle” and “Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy.” Anhui should thoroughly implement the crucial ideas that have been identified to guide development during the five-year period as “innovation-driven development, coordinated development, green development, development for global progress, and development for the benefit of all.”

The thinking behind the five concepts for development embodies the CPC’s in-depth understanding of the laws of economic and social development, while the concepts offer a theoretical guideline for the leadership in building a moderately well-off society in all respects. Back

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