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Story of President Xi Jinping’s Visit in Anhui

source:Anhui Today release date:2016/08/29 hits:2023

Having Great Expectation of Young Students—Xi Hopes them to Shoulder up the Sacred Responsibility of Vitalizing the Nation

It is a fact that strong youths will lead to a strong country. On the afternoon of April 26, in the study hall of the 5th floor of the library of the University of Science and Technology of China, hundreds of students are absorbed in their study. When Xi Jinping appears, the self-study hall is immediately boiling. The students come from all corners of the hall, Xi Jinping chats with them face to face, talking about learning, growth, future.

Xi Jinping asks Yu Xiaojing, “How old are you?” Little Yu says, “I am 16 years old, and now a Year Two student.” “How do you feel about School of Gifted Young?”“I feel very happy at USTC because teachers and students are very nice to us.”


Standing in front of the general secretary, Wu Maoqian, a doctorial candidate of the Institute of Public Affairs Administration, is especially excited. Five years ago, it was Little Wu, a senior student, who told Xi Jinping, the then vice president of the People’s Republic of China, he was ready to be a volunteer teacher in China’s West and then would come back to continue his study. “To be a volunteer teacher in the West for one year would benefit you for a life.” Little Wu has kept in mind such as a word said by Xi Jinping.

“What are you planning to do after graduation?” Xi Jinping asks Shao Yunfei, a national defense student from the School of Engineering. The young man replies firmly, “I will obey the dispatch by our motherland!” General Secretary asks, “Will you be determined to be a general in the future?” Little Shao says modestly, “I will be satisfied to be an ordinary man and to do well ordinary work.” Xi Jinping praises him, “Your attitude is very good!”


Looking at the naïve faces full of youthful spirit, Xi Jinping utters sincere words and earnest wishes that the youth is the future of a country and the hope of a nation. He encourages the students to study hard and devote themselves to the country.

“The university days are crucial to you. I hope you can focus on your studies now and prepare well before graduation to contribute more to the people and to our country,” Xi says.

In the afternoon, Xi jinping speaks at a meeting in a lecture hall at the 4th floor of the library with a group of more than 70 scientists and researchers, model workers and young representatives from throughout the country. Xi encourages scientists to take the lead in the innovation drive and contribute to the country’s economic and social development as well as improvement of the people’s welfare. Young intellectuals should sharpen creativity, expand the horizon and remain devoted to hard work, Xi says.

Xi says some workers may temporarily lose their jobs as China’s economy enters the “new normal” and major restructuring. He asked authorities to ensure basic living standards and create more jobs.  Back

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