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Story of President Xi Jinping’s Visit in Anhui

source:Anhui Today release date:2016/08/29 hits:1712

 Keeping in Mind Poverty Alleviation in Revolutionary Base—Xi Highlights Measures to Tackle Poverty

Jinzhai County, once an important Red Army revolutionary base, is among the country’s most impoverished counties. In 2011, it was identified as a key county to be lifted out of poverty in Dabie Mountains. By the end of 2015, the poverty-stricken population still amounted to 83,400. Xi Jinping has been concerned about how they live.


On the afternoon of April 24, Xi Jinping visits the family of villager Chen Zeping in Dawan Village of Huashi Township in Jinzhai County.

Villager Chen Zeping is 56 years old this year. He and his wife who suffers from physical disability live in an old shabby house. Xi Jinping comes into the house, talking with them amiably and asking carefully about their life. A village leader hands a “Basic Survey of Poverty-stricken Households”. A number of stipends is listed on it including “Immigration Stipend”, “Forest Subsidies for public Well-being”, “Family Planning Award” and “labor income”…General Secretary asks if Chen Zeping would like to move to the bottom of the mountain. Chen Zeping says delightfully, “The party’s policy is good. I like it!”

Xi meets Wang Nenbao and learns that Wang’s wife, who suffers from hypertension, has to spend about 3,000 yuan on medicines every years. Xi says disease and disability often cause poverty, therefore, poverty-alleviation mechanisms should be further improved to cover medical expenses and greater support should be given to poor households in terms of health insurance and the new rural cooperative medical system.


Xi also visits another three homes and listens to ideas and suggestions of the villagers on poverty-alleviation activities such as photovoltaic power generation, tea planting and developing the fish breeding and poultry sectors after he leaves Wang Nenbao’s home.

Xi Jinping seeks their views on migration and resettlement. He also highlights the importance of taking sustainable measures to relieve poverty and setting up long-term poverty-alleviation mechanisms. Efforts should also be continued in creating files, records and data to help poor households emerge from impoverished circumstances, Xi Jinping tells the local officials. Back

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