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Fighting against flood in Anqing

source:ah.gov.cn author:Rain release date:2016/07/20 hits:1477

Anqing had been hit by heavy rain for days since June 27. Tens of thousands of Party members, soldiers, policemen and common people worked day and night to consolidate dykes and protect people’s life and possession against flood.

PLA soldiers were dispatched to work with the locals to protect dykes and fight against flood.
Some houses were submerged by the flood water and the road was also cut off.
The armed policemen were carrying a bag of soil to consolidate the dyke.
An old man joined the fight against flood.
Lines of defense on the bank
Seizing the time to have lunch
Volunteers gathered together to send daily necessities to resident affected by the flood in a settlement.


Chinese source: ah.sina.com.cn