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Governor Inspects Flood Control in 6 Days

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The heavy rain starting on June 30 in Dabie Mountain area, the area between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River and the mountainous area in South Anhui brought torrential flood across the province. Governor Li Jinbin traveled over 3,000 kilometers to make a 6-day inspect to 13 counties or districts in 9 cities.

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Day 1 July 2

Dongdawei in Lujiang

10:10 am: Li Jinbin was checking the water level in Dongdawei of Lujiang County after lifting the lock of the flood basin in the heavy rain.


Xiafuqiao Town in Huoshan 

1:46 pm: Li Jinbin was inspecting farmland and roads affected by the flood and relocation of villagers in Shengrenshan Village.


Heishidu Town in Huoshan

2:20 pm: Li Jinbin was examining the collapsed bank of the DongPihe River and visited rescuers on the bank.


Luoerling Town in Huoshan

2:54 pm: Li Jinbin was paying a visit to flood-affected villagers in Luoerling Village.


Foziling Reservoir in Huoshan

Li Jinbin inspected Foziling Reservoir discharging water through its sluice gates.


Linhuaigang in Huoqiu

5:00 pm: Li Jinbin was checking the Linhuaigang Flood Control Project which is crucial to flood control of the Huaihe River.

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