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The wives who got left behind

source:www.china.org.cn release date:2015/01/14 hits:2811


Zhao Youtian (44) has two children and her husband works in Shanghai. Her elder son has gone to university, and she takes care of the younger child. Although she only earns 20 yuan a day working in a local clothing factory, she also believes that it is better than playing Mahjong with others.


Liu Yan (26) has been married for five years. Her husband works in Huainan and comes home once a month. Liu is young and her parents-in-law look after her children, therefore she is able to work in a private garment factory in the county and earn 1,000 yuan each month. Although the salary is less than working in China's coastal cities, Liu is able to take care of her children in her spare time.


Zhang Tingting (24), who lives in Hefei, got to know her husband when they both worked in Shanghai. She returned home when she was pregnant for eight months. Her husband came back from Shanghai when she gave birth to a baby boy on Dec. 5. It was on that day that she began her life as a left-behind wife.

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