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The wives who got left behind

source:www.china.org.cn release date:2015/01/14 hits:2811


More than 20 kilometers away from Shouxian County is Fengzhuang, a typical agricultural town by the Huaihe River. In this place, migrant work is still the main economic source of family, such as Zhao Jing's family. While her husband goes out to work, she stays at home.


Like many women who have been left behind, 44-year-old Zhao Jing has also made progress. In the eight years she has been left behind, Zhao has learnt to cope with loneliness and suffered illness, but she cannot cope with her husband's betrayal.


Zhao Jing could not cope with her husband's betrayal, so she filed for divorce last summer. Although her husband made a guarantee and she agreed to reconciliation by mediation, it will take time to heal her pain.

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