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The wives who got left behind

source:www.china.org.cn release date:2015/01/14 hits:2811


A cold wave passes and leaves behind blue sky and fresh air. Occasionally, farm vehicles cross the country road.


The sunshine shines into the room onto the tea table in the living room. Twenty-six-year-old Jia Xiaoyan sits at the table and plays with an iPad, which was a gift from her husband after her pregnancy.


Jia Xiaoyan kills time with her good friend, her sister-in-law Liu Fen. Twenty-nine-year-old Liu has a seven-year-old child, and her husband works in Yunnan. Earlier, Liu went to work with her husband, but after she had a child she was left at home.


Because Jia Xiaoyan's husband and Liu Fen's husband work together, their relationship has become stronger and closer. Their farmland has been rented to others and most of their housework is handled by elders. Without the home burden, they have time to chat. Although they want their husbands to accompany them, pressure and a longing for the future keeps them silent.

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