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Summer Resorts in Anhui

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In scorching hot summer, where can we go to keep cool other than staying in air-conditioned room? Here are some places for you to escape from the summer heat and enjoy the beautiful sight and profound culture in Anhui.

1. Huangcangyu National Forest Park

Huangcangyu National Forest Park is located in Xiao County North Anhui. There are many natural caves, rocks, wells and springs. All contribute to the fresh and natural landscapes. The park is surrounded by ridges and peaks where streams wind through. In the three thousand acres of natural forest grow 146 kinds of trees and more than 600 acres of herbs. It is rare to have these hills and valleys on the vast Huaibei Plain, so this park is really a wonderful place for tour.

2. Tiantang Village

Tiantang Village is located at the southwest of Jinzhai County west Anhui. In the village, the annual average rainfall is 1,350 mm, the humidity is 85%, the annual average temperature is 12℃ and the water quality meets the highest standard of surface drinking water. Tiantang Village is a natural oxygen bar and it is also a kingdom of plants, a paradise of animals, an ocean of clouds, a domain of azaleas and the hometown of grant salamanders. It is known as “the last virgin forest in East China’’. Staying here, visitor can avoid summer heat and enjoy the cool air beside waterfalls in the forest.


3. Wanfo Mountain

Wanfo Mountain is situated in Shucheng County in west Anhui. It is the third highest peak of Dabie Mountains. The mountain presents different views in four seasons. It has abundant rainfall, which reaches 1,300 mm in a year and the average temperature in the hottest month is as low as 27 ℃. The dense forest here creates a cool world for visitors to breathe the fresh air. Therefore, visitors can escape the intense heat of summer and get refreshed in the mountain.

4. Tianzhu Mountain

Tianzhu Mountain is in Qianshan County southwest Anhui. Its highest peak—Tianzhu Peak (1,488.4 meters above the sea level)—rises high into the clouds, looking like a pillar holding up the sky, hence the name Tianzhu (Heavenly Pillar) Mountain. The mountain surrounded by mountains, thick forest and clouds is an ideal place for summer tour.

5. Jiuhua Mountain


Jiuhua Mountain is located in Qingyang County in south Anhui. It has 99 peaks among which Tiantai (Heavenly Platform), Lianhua (Lotus Flower), Tianzhu (Heavenly Column) and Shiwang (Ten Kings) are included in the nine steepest ones. High mountains, deep valleys, clear streams, waterfalls, odd stones, caves, green pines and bamboos set each other off, where Ancient temples scatter. The charming landscape and pleasant climate make Jiuhua Mountain a popular scenic spot in summer.


6. Drifting on the Qiupu River

There are 14 rapids on the 15-kilometer-long Qiupu River in Chizhou southwest Anhui. It is an ideal place for drifting with clear water, twisting river way and swift currents. Visitors can try some new experience such as pushing stone mills, treading waterwheels, enjoying bamboo-rice cooked by fishermen, having barbecue on sandbanks, catching fish in the river and hunting with bows and arrows in willow woods here.


7. Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain is situated at Huangshan City south Anhui. The average temperature on the mountain in summer is about 18℃, much lower than that in most towns and cities. The exuberant foliage of trees cast shades to shield visitors from the burning sun. Standing amid the floating clouds and mist, visitors enjoy the cool breeze, feeling like immortals. At the foot of the mountain, there are clear pools various in shapes and sizes in Emerald Valley and peculiar waterfalls in Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Spot, which is the largest waterfall of Huangshan Mountain.


8. Guniujiang

Straddling Qimen and Shitai Counties south Anhui, Guniujiang is a nature reserve of forest and wild life as well as an ideal place for making expedition trips. The mountain is of complex geological structure, with numerous cliffs, peaks, rocks of grotesque shapes, waterfalls, brooks and lakes. The pleasant climate, thick forest, clear water and spectacular sight make the mountain an ideal summer resort.

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