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Travel Guide for Mid-autumn Festival in Anhui

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The Mid-autumn festival is a traditional Chinese festival held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month and is also an official holiday. It's a time for family reunion, appreciating the full moon, eating moon cakes and viewing flowers. Here are some recommendations for you to experience the traditional Chinese culture and have a nice holiday.

1. Making moon cakes in Fangte Theme Park of Wuhu

The park will hold lantern exhibition from September 19 to 22. Lanterns shall be sent to visitors as gifts when they enter the park. In the day time, visitors can learn to make moon cakes with family members and friends; at night, they can participate in "Talents for Moon Cake". The winner will be awarded gift bags.

2. Bonfire party in Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Spot


The Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Spot located in Huangwei Town of Yuexi County is known for its rainbow waterfall and the primitive Houhe Canyon. Activities such as bonfire parties shall be held to celebrate the mid-autumn festival.

3. Praying in Dayuan Cultural Park


The park located in Ke Village at the foot of Jiuhua Mountain is marked by the 99-meter-high Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva statue. Visitors can take part in the Dharma assembly held in the park to pray.

4. Eating crabs in Daishan Lake


Daishan Lake lying at the border of Feidong County and Quanjiao County is surrounded by green mountains. 100,000 wild crabs in Daishan Lake will be sold on the market. Visitors can go to take part in the first Wild Crab Cultural Festival and enjoy delicious crab dishes.

5. Appreciating Osmanthus flowers in Bali River Scenic Spot


Bali River Scenic Spot is situated in Bali River Town of Yingshang County. The Osmanthus trees here are in full blossom in the mid-autumn day.

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