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Autumn in Tachuan Village

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If Hongcun Village is an old man with hoary hair, Tachuan Village is a charming young woman. If Xiangshan is a woman wearing heavy makeup, Jiuzhaigou Valley is a quiet and magnificent lady, Tachaun Village is a pure maiden living in remote countryside.

Tachuan Village, also called Tashang Village, is only two kilometers away from Hongcun Village. It is one of the small villages with unique charm located between mountains.


The village is situated at the foot of Huangdui Mountain and beside Qishu Lake. Ancient dwellings with black tiles, white walls, sweeping roofs and elegant upturned eaves are built down the hillsides and hide among plants with exuberant foliage. A clear stream flows down from a mountain, winds through the village and runs to Qishu Lake.


At the entrance to the village, several giant ancient trees stand against the sky. They are all the witness of the turbulent past of the village. These towering trees cannot be encircled by two persons with their hands joined together show various shapes—sharp sward up to the sky, stretching corolla, a Buddha reaching his thousand hands to the sky. They cast shade on grassland, where visitors can sit on the intertwining roots above the ground for rest.


Autumn in Tachuan is characterized by the picturesque landscape with red autumnal leaves, primitive dwellings, clear streams and old bridges. Therefore, it's the right time to go to Tachuan Village to appreciate the charm of architectures, rural life and fascinating scenery of Huizhou in autumn.


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