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Rape Flowers in Southern Anhui

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When spring comes, slopes, terrace fields, plains are covered with golden rape flowers in southern Anhui. We recommend some places to visitors to enjoy the beautiful sight and get refreshed in the wild.

1. The landscape gallery along the Xin'an River


The landscape galley is a section of the Xin'an River in She County. The Xin'an River is the mother river in southern Anhui. The whole gallery lasts for 50 km, along which are ancient dwellings, fields, high mountains. The scenery is different in the four seasons. In spring, flowers of various colors blossom, and the fields and mountains turn to be a palette of nature.

The best way to enjoy the sight is to go to Shendu Port from the seat of the She County by bus and then travel along the Xin'an River by boat.

2. Lu Village of Yi County


Lu Village of Yi County is a typical ancient village of Hui Style. It leans against mountains, faces a river and is surrounded by ancient trees. In 2013, the village was included as one of the top ten "Beautiful Countryside in China" for rape flowers enjoying. When rape flowers blossom, the yellow flowers, ancient buildings with while walls and black tiles, green mountains shrouded in mist present us wonderful idyllic scenery.

Featured attraction: wood carving building


Wood carving buildings in Lu Village embody the essence of Hui-style dwellings. The buildings consist of seven ancient houses, including Zhichengtang, Sijitang, Sichengtang and Boliting.

Visitors may go to Lu Village from the seat of the Yi County by shuttle bus or from the Hong Village on foot.

3. Shitan Village of She County


Shitan Village lies in mountains of Xiakeng Town in She County. The clean river around the village, buildings with black tiles and white walls, tranquil lanes and small bridges never fail to impress visitors.

In spring, the sea of golden rape flowers spreads from the top of mountains to the foot. The flowers dance in the breeze, while bees and butterflies buzz round them.

The village is about one hour's drive from the seat of She County.

4. Jiapeng Township of Jixi County


Jiapeng Township is located in Jixi County. It is famous for its terraced landscape. When rape flowers blossom on terraced fields in spring, visitors may be amazed at the wonderful sight.

The best place to enjoy the rape flower view on terraced fields is Kantou Village of the township, which is about half an hour's drive from the sea of Jixi County.

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