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Bird Watching Spots in Hefei

source:www.ah.gov.cn release date:2014/04/15 hits:1408

With the rise of temperature in spring, birds begin to sing to court among blooming flowers. It's high time to going out and watching birds. Here are some spots recommended for bird viewing.

No.1 Nanyanhu Park

Great Crested Crebe

Nanyanhu Park tops the list of bird viewing spots in Hefei. It's a natural lake covering an area of 3,000 mu, where live a number of wetland birds.

The park is located at the intersection of Xiyou Road and Guanhai Road in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area. Visitors can go there by bus No. 235.

No. 2 Dongpu Reservoir



Night Heron



Dongpu Reservoir is a large one in northwest of Hefei, an important water source for irrigation, water supply and aquaculture. It's also suitable for wetland birds to live and reproduce. Here, people can see large water birds such as egrets, night herons and cormorants.

Visitors can go there by bus No. 300, 157 or 159.

No. 3 Qingxi Park (Hefei Nursery Garden)

Qingxi Park, formerly known as Hefei Nursery Garden, is on Qingxi Road of Hefei. The exuberant trees and blossoming flowers have attracted many kinds of birds to come here.

Visitors can go there by bus No. 114. 

 No. 4 Bird Park in Hefei Wildlife Park

Black Collar Starling

Hefei Wildlife Park lies on the foot of Dashu Mountain. It has over 1,000 birds of more than 50 species, such as peacocks, swans and flamingoes. The three crowned cranes introduced from African are now exhibited in the zoo. Visitors can go there by bus No. 801.

No. 5 Xiaoyaojin Park

Xiaoyaojin Park is the best place for bird viewing in downtown Hefei. Here, people can see cyanopica cyanas, mynas, black collar starlings and other kinds of birds. 

The park is situated on Shouchun Road, and visitors can go there by bus No. 2, 15, 48, 106, 136,137, 143 and 155.

NO.6 Zipeng Hill

The forest on Zipeng Hill has the area of 3,500 hectares with 470 kinds of plants and over 120 species of birds, so it's also an idea place for bird watching.

Tips for bird watching:
1. Pay attention to the weather and take umbrellas if it rains or is going to rain.
2. Don't wear colorful clothes and slipped shoes.
3. Prepare food, water and first-aid kits.
4. When watching birds, keep an appropriate distance from them and be quiet.
5. Don’t use flash lamp while taking photos.
6. Don't play the record of bird singing, cast stones or use other improper ways to force birds to show themselves.
7. Don’t chase wild birds, disturb birds' habitats, pick bird eggs or catch birds.
8. Take a pair of binoculars to watch birds from a distance.
9. Take a photo gallery of wild birds for reference.
10. Respect birds and protect their living environment.