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The Emerging Wanjiang Demonstration Area

source:Anhui Today release date:2013/06/05 hits:1723

“Efforts should still be given to the promotion of the ‘Anhui Demonstration Area for Industrial Relocation into Cities along the Yangtze River’ (Wangjiang Demonstration Area), improvement of the industrial undertaking carrier construction, reinforcement of attraction of investment from outside of the province and active participation in division of labor in the Yangtze River Delta region,” said Zhang Baoshun, Secretary of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee.

He further illustrated that the two years of construction experience proved the fact that “Anhui Demonstration Area for Industrial Relocation into Cities along the Yangtze River” was not only conducive to the exploration of establishment of new models of industrial relocation in the central and western regions, but also helpful to make more room for the development in eastern region, to form a new pattern of regional development through complementary and mutually reinforcing and common progress.

Demonstration Area Rises to Fame

The westbound industrial relocation helps improve the structure. Scientific exploration of undertaking industrial relocation results in construction of “Wanjiang Demonstration Area” which is a beautiful name card handed out by Anhui. The brand value of the demonstration area begins to show.

2014122916142722_bL5IMi2d.jpg According to statistics, from January to October 2011, the demonstration area introduced 2,983 investment projects. Each single project is worth more than 100 million yuan from outside of the province. Eventually 253.11 billion yuan of investment has got in place, an increase of 62.9 percent; a total of 123 foreign direct investment projects were introduced with a total investment of $ 2.57 billion.

At present, the number of various types of cooperative construction of industrial parks in the demonstration area that are under construction, under contract or under negotiation reaches 84, covering an area of about 440,000 mu (about 72,500 acres), with a total investment of 260 billion yuan.

The growth of investment into key industrial sectors such as car-making, equipment, non-metallic materials, household appliances and agricultural products processing in the demonstration area is getting accelerated, accounting for 63.55 percent of industrial fixed assets investment in the same period, nearly 10 percentage points higher than the average of 2009; increase of investment into the emerging industries including electronic information, biological medicine and public safety is as much as 63.3, 12 percent percentage points higher than the province’s average; while the proportion of industrial added value contributed by high energy consumption industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry and  building materials has been dropped from 41.64 percent over the same period last year to 39.59 percent, 2 percentage points lower than the province’s average growth rate. 

Stressing the Importance of Eco-Friendly Industries

In 2011, the Hefei New Railroad Station Development Area rejected 12 projects of all kinds of high energy consumption and heavy pollution in addition to shutting down 14 enterprises that were accused of illegal pollution discharge. Xuancheng City also specifically determined “four exclusions”, that is: to exclude the projects that do not meet the environmental standards, to exclude the projects that are high energy consumptive, to exclude the projects that tend to waste lots of resources and to exclude the projects that are lowly efficient.


The decision-making authorities of Anhui Province requested that the constructors should be conscientious of environmental protection in Anhui Demonstration Area for Industrial Relocation into Cities along the Yangtze River and insist on disapproving of certain projects of industrial relocation to prevent backward production capacity and pollution effect entering the demonstration area under the disguise of undertaking industrial relocation.  

In the past two years, Anhui remade the overall layout of more than 80 development parks in Wangjiang Industrial Relocation Demonstration Area, tightening the industrial access and restricting the environmental access, strictly controlling industrial projects with high energy consumption, successively rejecting more than 100 projects with pollution hazard and high environmental risk, involving an investment of more than 30 billion yuan. Relocation is not a simple copy, but a process of technological upgrading and innovation. Environmental protection measures, investment intensity, construction capacity ratio, and building factor should meet or exceed the standards that are required by the national authorities.

Urbanization and Industrialization Advance Equally

The industrial spatial pattern is gradually formed up. The core of Anhui Demonstration Area for Industrial Relocation into Cities along the Yangtze River is Hefei and Wuhu with Anqing, Chizhou, Tongling, Wuhu and Ma’anshan as the axis along the Yangtze River, and Chuzhou and Xuancheng as “two wings.” This pattern is driven by the wheels of urbanization and industrialization.


Hefei and Wuhu are the core areas for industrial relocation. In 2011, the governing area of Hefei expanded by 40 percent through merging parts of its neighboring city. Its population and GDP are almost close to that of Nanjing and Wuhan. 

Wuwei County that is located in the northern bank of the Yangtze River is merged into Wuhu City, resulting in the promotion of joint development and boosting the integration of Wuhu with Ma’anshan, and Wuhu with Xuancheng.

In order to incorporate into the Yangtze River Delta and to connect the Midwest, as the demonstration area actively promotes industrial relocation, it also put lots of efforts to promote urbanization. The urbanization is driven by industrialization to achieve synchronous advancement. The infrastructural construction of Jiangbei Industrial Concentration Area and Jiangnan Industrial Concentration Area is in full swing. The two areas are now attracting investment. Within just two years, 63 companies have been registered and settled down here with a registered capital of 3 billion yuan. More than 10 projects have been started construction with a total investment of more than 70 billion yuan, including Shenglai Optical, Metallurgical and Navigation Equipment.

Aiming at becoming a new regional central city, Chuzhou that is located in the area between Hefei and Nanjing is determined to build itself into a “big city”. While expanding its space for urban construction and development, it carefully designs the layout of the competitive industries. It has cooperated with Shanghai, Nanjing and some other cities to build 26 parks that are either under construction or completed.

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