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Preferential Investment Policies in Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Invention and Innovation

release date:2014/08/30 hits:731

Innovative enterprises, new and high-tech enterprises, R&D centers and others, invested and established in Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Comprehensive Experimental Zone (Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu) for Invention and Innovation, will be provided with policy support, such as financial assistance, refund of the tax, exemption of administrative fees and talent introduction. Parts of policies are presented as follows:

1. In the Experimental Zone, core technologies and major equipment research & development projects related to innovative industries, or re-innovative projects of imported technologies and equipment will be subsidized financially with a maximum amount of RMB 10 million.

2. Various venture capital institutes located in the Experimental Zone, which may suffer a loss because of their investment in small and medium-sized non-listed scientific enterprises even after implementing relevant national preferential tax policies, will be subsidized financially with 30% of the loss, RMB 10 million at most.

3. Provincial guiding fund for entrepreneurship and venture capital has been established. In 5 consecutive years since 2008, the provincial government arranges a fund of RMB 100 million every year and strives to make the total number reach to RMB 1 to 2 billion by actively introducing the fund from banks, entrepreneurship venture capital institutes and other sources. Through the measures, such as equity participation at a certain stage, follow-up investment and risk compensation, various entrepreneurship venture capitals are introduced to invest in scientific and technological enterprises which are at the initial stage.

4. Provincial and municipal sharing of added corporate income tax from innovative enterprises will be rewarded to the enterprises within 3 years; and all relevant administrative charges levied from new and hi-tech enterprise and innovative enterprises located in the Experimental Zone, which should be allocated to provincial and municipal governments, will be exempted. No administrative charges will be levied on newly-established scientific and technological enterprises.

5. Enterprises employing foreign well-known scientists, high-end technicians or innovative expert consultants in Experimental Area will be provided with a financial subsidy equal to 50% of the salary but RMB 500,000 at most.

6. The Experimental Zone will adopt relevant incentive policies of enterprise’ share and bonus implemented in Zhongguancun Invention and Innovation Demonstration Zone.

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