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Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Development of Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone of the Wanjiang City Belt

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Equipment manufacturing industry

1. Construction of third-party public testing agencies for automobiles and auto components
2. Construction of technology centers of key auto components integrating “production, study and research”
3. Projects of merging and restructuring between automobile enterprises (groups) in the announcement

Mechanical equipment
1. Development and production of advanced process technology and key equipment for the production of high-purity multicrystal silicon
2. Development and production of intelligent power grid equipment and new electric transmission and transformation equipment
3. Production of new-type and application-specific cables and cable accessories
4. Design and production of energy-saving and consumption reducing electric products
5. Design and production of new-type general mechanical components
6. Design and production of new-generation single cylinder diesel engines, general small gasoline engines, large and medium-sized diesel engines for construction machinery
7. Design and production of generator set and key supporting equipment for a comprehensive use of waste heat, waste pressure and waste gas of blast furnaces
8. Design and production of equipment for solid refuse treatment and resources recycling
9. Design and production of hydraulic equipment and products
10. Development and production of special equipment and key components used for producing building materials, such as cement clinker, special glass, new-type walling materials
11. Development and construction of standardized ships used in the Yangtze River, Wushen canal and the Huai River
12. Design and production of special equipment and key components for casting and heat-treating
13. Key projects of establishing professional production and service centers and facilities for company merging and restructuring, inspection and testing
14. Localized development of key equipment imported for important projects


Raw materials industry

1. Construction of big and medium-sized iron mines
2. Applied technology of high-strength steel bars, vehicle plates and shipbuilding plates
3. Production technology and application of high-magnetic-strength low-iron-loss oriented silicon steel used in the transformer above 250,000 KVA
4. Manufacturing of special steel pipes: steel pipe of oil well for exploiting the petroleum, steel pipe for high-pressure boiler, steel pipes for conveying petroleum and gas in long-distance, big-diameter high-performance (high-temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance) special stainless and alloy steel pipes for nuclear power, submarine conveying and petrochemical industry
5. Development and application of energy-saving & emission-reducing technology adopted in the production of iron alloy, charcoal ink and refractory material
6. Construction of large and medium-sized non-ferrous metal mines
7. Upgrading backward productivity by adopting advanced non-ferrous metal smelting and processing technology
8. Technological development and production application of lead frame copper strips, high-end electrical copper foil and high-end printed circuit board which are used in IT and high-performance special copper & aluminum products which are demanded by high-speed train and railway electrification

Chemical industry
1. Construction of integrated production base of ten megaton/y crude oil processing and refining along the Yangtze River
2. Production technology industrialization of new-type olefin, such as olefin processed by thermal catalytic cracking (CPP), low-carbon olefin processed by catalytic cracking (DCC), olefin processed by light oil cracking SUPERFLEX
3. Construction of 300,000 t/y and above ionic membrane caustic soda production facilities
4. Construction of 300,000 t/y and above polrvinyl chloride production facilities (together with 2000 tpd and above slag cement production line)
5. Sodium carbonate production project with the raw salt supplied by captive salt farm/mine
6. Modern coal chemical process demonstration project construction and technological industrialization with proprietary intellectual property rights
7. Isobaric synthetic technology application of coal-made synthesis ammonia, comprehensive utilization of sulfur recovery and phosphogypsum, the utilization of low and medium-level phosphorite, the production of agricultural chemicals, such as special fertilizer and slow/controlled-release fertilizer
8. Production of fine chemical products by using clean gasified coat
9. Recovery and intensive processing of coal carbonization by-products
10. High value-added, safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly rubber hose and rubber tape, and rubber products used in automobiles and other hi-tech industries (excluding tires)

Nonmetallic material
1. Development and production of new process and new products of asbestos-free friction and sealing materials
2. 25,000 t/y and above alkali-free glass fiber tank furnace technology development, 30,000 t/y and above electronic-grade glass fiber tank furnace and wire-drawing technology development, high-performance glass fiber products production and technology development
3. Development and application of special high-quality float glass production technology and glass intensive processing technology
4. Nonmetallic mine superfine powder technology development and application
5. Production and technology development of energy-saving & environment-friendly decorative materials, finishing materials and building materials
6. Production of high-quality composite materials, foamed boards, doors and windows, and hardware fitting
7. R&D and industrial production of electronic-grade polycrystalline silicon materials, high-performance magnetic materials, electronic-function ceramic materials
8. Production of artificial diamond

Textile industry

Household appliance
Development and industrial production of energy-saving, environment-friendly, intelligent and information-based household appliance and its components

Agricultural products processing
1. Production of wood pulp, paper and paper board in compliance with development policy of papermaking industry
2. Storage, preservation, intensive processing and comprehensive utilization of cereal, oil, livestock, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, honey products, tea and special and ecological agricultural products
3. Production of dairy products in compliance with industrial policy of dairy products
4. Development and production of biological feedstuff, straw feedstuff, safe, efficient and environment-friendly aquatic feedstuff
5. Production of bio-degradable materials, biological polymer materials and biological chemical products by adopting biological technology and using non-crop biomass materials

Textile and garment
1. Production of “Three free, One precise” (roll-free, shuttle-free, joint-free, precise carding) product by using advanced equipment, such as carding machine, tightness spinning machine, automatic rotor spinning machine and blow spinning machine, high-efficiency combing machine, collectively-doffing spinning machine (above 1,008 ingots), and coarse-to-fine combination machine
2. Production of high-end woolen fabrics by using special animal fibers, efficient water-conservation scouring, fat-removing and sewage treatment equipment, and adopting new spinning process technology
3. Development and production of high-end cambric and textile by using clean and environment-friendly processing technology
4. Production of composite, differentiation and functionality fiber and high-end silk fabric by using automatic silk reeling machine, carding machine, high-speed doubling and twisting machine, new-type automatic high-speed cone winder, shuttleless loom
5. Application of high-efficiency, automatic, energy-saving and low-consumption and continuous printing and dyeing equipment and process technology
6. Application of advanced finishing equipment and process technology, such as loose type finishing, hand touch finishing
7. Industrial production and application of high-performance fiber materials, such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, high-strength high-module PVA fiber, polyphenylene sulfide fiber, PBO, basalt fiber, polyimide fiber

1. Production of energy-saving lamps by using production technology of high-efficiency, energy-saving lamps and new process technology of solid-state mercury in place of liquid mercury
2. Production of high-end glass packing container
3. Production of green, environment-friendly and new-type domestic chemical products

High-tech industry

IT industry
1. Manufacturing of multifunctional digital radar complete equipment, and special supportive equipment and its components
2. Manufacturing of 3G mobile communication system, terminal equipment, core chip and testing equipment
3. Manufacturing of next-generation internet equipment compatible with IPV4/IPV6
4. R&D and industrial production of large-capacity and high-reliability Li-ion battery, polymer Li-ion battery, hydrogen fuel battery and its key materials

Biological industry
1. Development of regenerative medicine industry
2. Development, production and application of green, agricultural and biological products, such as biopesticides, animal-use Chinese medicine, bio-fertilizer
3. Biological technology for upgrade traditional production processes of medicine, chemical industry, brewing, foods, agricultural products, feedstuff, textile, papermaking, leather making for purpose of reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Public security industry
1. R&D and Manufacturing of emergency communication command and rescue technological equipment
2. Safety production monitoring technology, mine safety production information technology, and disaster detecting prewarning technology
3. New technology of fire detecting and warning, fireproof performance-based design measures and technology in buildings
4. Electric power safety technology, new-type lightning overvoltage protection materials and technology
5. Quick testing technology for foods, safety controlling technology, and safety trace-to-the-source and prewarning technology
6. Environment safety detecting prewarning technology, emergency handling optical detecting, and plasma handling technology
7. Urban intelligent visual monitoring technology, video analyzing technology, visual and audio assisting technology applied in criminal investigation

Modern service industry

Financial service industry
1. Construction of background service and regional payment and settlement network for financial services industries
2. Construction of guarantee services, financial bill, consumer credit, international factoring business
3. Construction of non-bank financial institutes and its services, such as enterprise group finance company, automobiles financing company, financial leasing
4. Security, futures, insurance market system construction and products innovation
5. Establishment of agricultural insurance system based on the combination of policy and commercial agricultural insurances
6. Various funds, such as venture capital investment, industrial investment, portfolio investment
7. Construction of social credit system
8. Construction of green credit, equator bank

Other service industries
1. Exhibition industry and exhibition facilities production
2. Logistics information and logistics technology service
3. Outsourcing services of information technologies, such as software R&D, integrated circuit and electronic circuit design and testing, information system operation and maintenance
4. Outsourcing services of technological business processes, such as enterprise business process design, internal management and operation and supply chain management
5. Outsourcing services of technological know-how processes, such as industrial design, project design, intellectual property research, and data mining
6. Professional operation services, such as industrial pollution treatment and energy saving

Modern agriculture
1. Development and application of water-saving irrigation and dry farming water-saving technology and protective farming technology, upgrading of irrigation system integrating the water and the fertilizer with high-efficiency utilization
2. Aquatic resources maintenance project and the project of solidifying the achievement of return-the-grain-plots-to-forestry
3. Construction of tea-oil tree and woody oil forest bases, and cultivation of precious (or rare) tree species and big-diameter timbers


1. Construction of transportation hub
2. Construction of national and provincial planned highway networks and connecting lines, and construction and maintenance of national highways and provincial highways
3. Development and utilization of urban public passenger transportation technical information systems

1. Construction of intelligent power grid, and development and application of micro-grid technology and distributed energy supply technology
2. Photovoltaic connect-to-grid demonstration project in which above 90% of system integration equipment is manufactured locally
3. Construction of strategic petroleum and natural gas reserves
4. Construction of big-sized coal storage and transportation centers and coal trade markets

Water Conservancy
1. Urban water resources and flood reutilization project
2. Water resources engineering and schistosomiasis control project
3. Integration and application of water measuring technology in irrigated area, and application and promotion of modern integrated management system for water conservancy projects

Construction Industry and Urban Infrastructure
1. Development and application of the heating balance and energy-saving control system technology in urban buildings, and construction of emerge-saving supervision platforms for government office buildings and big-sized public buildings
2. Construction and operation of power grids and quick power-charging stations for railway transportation and new-energy automobiles
3. Construction of national demonstration projects of comfortable housing, provincial pilot projects of energy-saving, land-saving and environment-friendly residential buildings, and pilot projects for the performance authentication of residential buildings
4. R&D and production of building integration and applied technology for renewable energy sources, and construction of demonstration projects
5. R&D of energy-saving and upgrading technology for existing buildings, and construction of demonstration projects
6. Construction of completely decorated residential buildings

Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources
1. Development and application of the technology of recycling the CO2 emitted by a NSP cement production line with a production capacity of 2,000 tons per day to conduct a bio-safety disposal of the municipal solid waste and sludge
2. Development of clean recycling technology and refabrication
3. Energy-saving upgrading of motors

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