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Catalogue of Foreign-invested Competitive Industries in Central and Western Region of China (Anhui Province) (revised in 2008)

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1. Development and application of protective farming technology

2. Intensive processing and comprehensive utilization of sorghum and silkworm cocoon

3. Comprehensive utilization of accompanying resources of the coal, such as kaoline, coal bed methane (mashgas), mine water and natural rubber (except exploration and mining)

4. Comprehensive utilization of nonmetallic mine (calcite, bentonite, kaolin, concave-convex bar clay, limestone, quartz sand) (except exploration and mining)

5. Weaving and knitting of high-end cotton, fur, hemp, silk and chemical fiber and garment processing

6. Large integrated processing and comprehensive utilization of coal carbonization-salinization (shares controlled by the Chinese party)

7. Processing and production of Chinese herbs, Chinese medicine extractives and Chinese patent medicine (except the restricted and prohibited ones listed in Guiding Catalogue of Foreign-invested Industry)

8. Intensive processing and comprehensive utilization of copper, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous metals (limited to joint ventures and cooperative enterprises)

9. Printing of packing and decorating material

10. Technological development and intensive processing of special (super-white, super-thin and online low-E) high-quality float glass

11. NSP cement production with a capacity of 4,000 ton cement clinker or above each day

12. Production of high-performance radial tire

13. Manufacturing of Automobile components (automobile gear box, automobile engine crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder body, cylinder cover, electronic spraying system of engine, automobile absorber, clutch, engine timing chain, automobile lamp, automobile apparatus)

14. Manufacturing of complete equipment of NSP cement

15. Manufacturing of big-sized oxygenerators, coke ovens and heavy mechanical products for steel casting

16. Development and manufacturing of big-sized numerical control forging and pressing equipment and components

17. Development and manufacturing of forklifts, excavators, special vehicles and the components

18. Production of high-efficiency compressors and special enameled wires used for refrigerator and air conditioner

19 Technological development and production of high-performance magnetic materials and devices

20. Value-added telecom services (within the framework of China’s promises to WTO)

21. Road and passenger transportation (shares controlled by the Chinese party)

22. Medical institutes (limited to joint venture and cooperative enterprises)

23. Institutions for vocational education (limited to cooperative enterprises)

24. Construction and operation of the city’s piping system for gas supply, heat supply, water supply and drainage (shares controlled by the Chinese party in large cities)

25. Protection, development and operation of scenic spots and the construction of supporting facilities

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