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By the end of 2018, there had been 123 culture centers, 124 public libraries, 196 museums (private-run museums included) and 1,438 community or township multi-use cultural stations in Anhui. There were 130 national key cultural relics protection sites with 2 sites combined and 708 provincial key cultural relics protection sites. 72 intangible cultural heritages were included in the state list and 478 in the provincial list. There were 79 broadcasting and TV stations across the province at the end of 2018. There were 25 medium wave launchers and relay stations. The radio broadcasting coverage rates were 99.84 percent. There were 7.9265 million CATV subscribers and the TV broadcasting coverage rates were 99.84 percent. In 2018, the number of newspaper, periodicals and books issued or published totaled 98, 180 and 10,059 varieties, and a total of 718 million copies of newspaper and 43 million copies of magazines were issued, and 322 million copies of books were published. There were 124 national archives with 30.0148 million rolls of archives collected, the floor space of which amounted to 469.6 thousand square meters.