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Public Health Service and Sports

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By the end of 2018, there were 24,926 medical and health institutions in Anhui with 1,140 general hospitals, 23,076 grass-root medical and health organizations and 605 professional public health agencies and 105 other health agencies. Among grass-root medical and health organization, there were 1,366 health centers, 1,891 community health service centers and 15,317 village clinics; among professional public health agencies, there were 120 epidemic disease prevention centers, 45 special disease prevention and care centers (stations), 120 maternal and child care centers and 112 health monitoring institutions. There were 334 thousand health workers in Anhui, including 127 thousand (assistant) practicing doctors and 150 thousand registered nurses. There were 38 thousand doctors and health workers in rural areas. The medical and health institutions in Anhui possessed 329 thousand beds, of which general hospitals and health centers had 312 thousand beds. In 2018, the medical and health institutions treated 300 million person-times in total. 

The Number of Health Workers in Anhui 2013-2018


In 2018, athletes of Anhui won altogether 47 gold medals, 45 silver medals and 67 copper medals at international and domestic games. 3,127 mass physical activities (over 100 persons) were held in the year, and the number of participants totaled 3.61 million person-times. The per capita sports venue area was 1.51 square meters. The sales value of sports lottery reached 9.727 billion yuan in 2018.