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China Mobile—Product & Service

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The businesses of  China Mobile can be primarily divided into voice services and data services.


Voice Services

Our voice services refer to the business where our customers make and receive calls with a mobile phone at any point within the coverage area of our mobile telecommunications networks. The services include local calls, domestic long distance calls, international long distance calls, intra-provincial roaming, inter-provincial roaming, international roaming and voice value-added services.

Our voice value-added services mainly include caller identity display, caller restrictions, call waiting, call forwarding, call holding, voice mail, conference calls and others.


Data Services

Our data services include SMS&MMS, Wireless Data Traffic, Applications and Information Services.



SMS refers to services which employ the existing resources of telecommunications networks to deliver and receive text messages, including subscriber-to-subscriber messages, "Monternet"- based short messages and others. MMS is a service that allows user to deliver messages combining graphics, sounds, text and motion pictures over wireless networks.


Wireless Data Traffic

Wireless Data Traffic include mobile data traffic (mainly mobile phone data traffic, dongle data traffic, The Internet of Things data traffic, etc.), WLAN data traffic.


Applications and Information Services

Applications and Information Services include Mobile Music, Mobile Paper, Mobile Reading, Mobile Video, Mobile Market, etc.


Customer Service

Customers can call our nationwide free customer service hotline "10086" in the local area. Our customer service hotline offers assistance on different mobile service difficulties, handles all enquires and subscription of various mobile phone services. While customers can get information and make suggestions on the company's services, they can also express their views on the call quality and service provided by our sales executives. Our customer service center will follow up and resolve problems in a timely manner. While billing enquiry service is only available to local customers, non-local customers can check through the service hotlines of their own registered province. 10086 customer service hotline offers you round-the-clock services.

When traveling abroad, customers can dial China Mobile international roaming service hotline to get assistance from our domestic customer service center. Dial "+86 13800100186" or "international long distance access code of the roaming area 86 13800100186". This service is free for all international roaming customers calling this hotline via our service. Customers calling this hotline via other phone operators will pay for their own calls.

For the latest information, please contact the local sales centers or local "10086" customer service hotline.

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