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Domestic Trade


In 2018, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 1,210.01 billion yuan, a growth of 11.6 percent over the previous year, or a real growth of 9.4 percent after deducting price factors. An analysis on different areas showed that the retail sales of consumer goods in urban areas stood at 973.18 billion yuan, up by 11.3 percent and that in rural areas reached 236.82 billion yuan, up by 12.9 percent. Grouped by consumption patterns, the retail sales of commodities was 1077.81 billion yuan, up by 11.5 percent, and that of catering industry was 132.2 billion yuan, up by 11.8 percent. The online retail sales of 786 enterprises above designated size engaged in online retail business which are taken into account reached 49.22 billion yuan, up by 36.1 percent.


Of the total retail sales of commodities by enterprises above designated size, the year-on-year growth of sales for food, clothing and daily use was 13.9 percent, 8.7 percent and 11.1 percent, that for grain and oil 6.8 percent, for meat, poultry and eggs 14.3 percent, for clothes 9.5 percent, for daily necessities 12 percent, for traditional Chinese and western medicines 13.4 percent, for household appliances and audio-video equipment 12.5 percent, for furniture 7.3 percent, for telecommunication equipment 29.5 percent, for building and decoration materials 15.3 percent, for motor vehicles 5.9 percent and for petroleum and petroleum products 17.5 percent.


The year 2018 saw 6.07 million inbound visitors to Anhui, a year-on-year increase of 10.5 percent, of which, 3.54 million were foreigners, up by 10.3 percent; 2.53 million were Chinese compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, up by 10.9 percent. The number of domestic tourists totaled 721 million, up by 15.2 percent. The revenue from tourism totaled 724.1 billion yuan, up by 17.1 percent. Of this total, foreign exchange earnings from tourism topped 3.19 billion US Dollars, up by 10.7 percent, and the revenue from domestic tourism totaled 7.3 billion yuan, up by 17.1 percent. The tourist revenue earned by Wannan International Tourism and Culture Demonstration Zone totaled 378.52 billion yuan, up by 16.4 percent. By the end of 2018, there had been 600 tourists spots at Grade A level or above in Anhui.

The fiscal revenue exceeded 500 billion yuan to reach 536.33 billion yuan in 2018, up by 10.4 percent over the previous year. Of the total, local revenue was 304.87 billion yuan, up by 8.4 percent. Of the total fiscal revenue, tax revenue reached 441.9 billion yuan, increasing by 11.9 percent: value-added tax and business tax increased by 12.6 percent, enterprise income tax was up by 22.3 percent. Fiscal expenditures were 657.21 billion yuan, up by 5.9 percent. In terms of major items of expenditure, the expenditures for social security and employment went up by 10.7 percent, for urban and rural community affairs down by 1.7 percent, for science and technology up by 13.2 percent, for education by 9.7 percent. A total of 106.73 billion yuan was invested in 33 livelihood projects.

Fiscal Revenue of Anhui 2013-2018

In 2018, the increment of social financing[9] reached 538.22 billion yuan, a drop of 261.65 billion yuan over 2017. Savings deposit in Renminbi in all items of financial institutions totaled 5,067.73 billion yuan at the end of 2018, an increase of 506.85 billion yuan or 11.1 percent. Of this total, the saving deposit of institutions was 1,492.91 billion yuan, up by 5.1 percent; household saving deposits 2,299.48 billion yuan, up by 12 percent. Loans in Renminbi in all items of financial institutions reached 3,881.53 billion yuan, an increase of 433.41 billion yuan or 12.6 percent over the previous year. Of this total, short-term loans stood at 1,053.25 billion yuan, up by 6.2 percent; medium and long-term loans 2,575.01 billion yuan, up by 14.8 percent, of which personal loans were 1,262.43 billion yuan, up by 21.9 percent.

Funds raised in 2018 by enterprises through issuing stocks and share rights on stock market amounted to 53.51 billion yuan, an increase of 7.17 billion yuan compared with the previous year. Of this total, 3 A-shares were issued, receiving 1.45 billion yuan worth of capital altogether; the refinancing of A-shares (including rationing shares, public newly issued, nonpublic newly issued and warrants) received 37.26 billion yuan; the listed companies financed 14.8 billion yuan through convertible bonds, bonds with attached warrants, corporate bonds and other bonds. By the end of 2018, there had been 103 listed companies in Anhui with the total market value of 790.3 billion yuan, down by 32.3 percent over the previous year.

In 2018, 57.04 billion yuan short-term financing bonds were issued.

The transaction volume of domestic security agents in Anhui amounted to 4,340 billion yuan, and that of time bargains was 20,550 billion yuan.

The premium received by the insurance companies totaled 120.97 billion yuan in 2018, up by 9.3 percent over the previous year. Of this total, property insurance premium amounted to 40.88 billion yuan, up by 11.6 percent, and life insurance premium 80.09 billion yuan, up by 8.1 percent. Insurance companies paid an indemnity worth of 41.92 billion yuan, up by5.4 percent, of which, property insurance indemnity was 22.28 billion yuan, up by 19.1 percent, and life insurance indemnity 19.65 billion yuan, down by 6.7 percent. 

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