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Anhui Hit 2.1 billion Yuan on The Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation Between East & West China

source:ah.gov.cn release date:2008/04/14 hits:170

  The Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China came to an end in Xi'an on April 9. Anhui's trade delegation, organized by the Provincial Department of Commerce, returned with trade and investment worth 2.128 billion Yuan and awards for excellent organization and excellent exhibitor.

  According to the Provincial Department of Commerce, of the total 2.128 billion Yuan, 716 million Yuan was contract value and 1.412 billion Yuan was agreement value. With all the singed projects, four national contracts worth about 290 million Yuan; six agreement contracts brought 526 million Yuan; internal trade made 426 million Yuan of contract value and 886 million Yuan of agreement value.

  At the collective signing ceremony, Anhui SINOPEC Huainan Branch Company signed a contract with China National Petroleum Cooperation Kunlun Urea Distribution Company Xi'an sales agency on purchase and marketing projects of petroleum. The contract will be worth 189 million Yuan.

 Through its participation in the Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China, Anhui has expanded cooperation and communication with western areas and obtained a bright future in seeking the business opportunities in western development.

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