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Anhui steps up co-op with UNWTO

source:ah.gov.cn release date:2008/04/10 hits:179

At the closing ceremony of the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management at World Heritage Sites, the head of Asian-Pacific Department of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Xu Jing, entrusted by Secretary-general Francesco Frangialli, invited persons in charge of Anhui Tourism Association to serve as members of Committee of Experts for UNWTO, March 27.

In recent years, Anhui has established an extensive and close relationship with UNWTO. In 2000, UNWTO sent renowned experts to engage in the overall plan for the tourism development in the area of Yellow mountains, Jiuhua Mountains and Taiping Lake (also called "two mountains and one lake" itinerary); UNWTO Secretary-general Francesco Frangialli was invited to make a detailed investigation into Anhui's tourism development and participated in Huangshan International Tourism Festival in 2003; and a cooperative memorandum on developing Anhui Tourism was also signed in 2005.

During the conference, vice-secretary of UNWTO Taliban Rife fully approved and highly recommended the successful experience of Anhui on achieving sustainable development at world heritage sites, and stressed that the cooperation between UNWTO and Anhui would be strengthened, offering great help in diversifying and internationalizing tourism development in Anhui.

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