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Museums open to public for free

source:ah.gov.cn release date:2008/03/31 hits:182

Visitors wait in a long line in front of provincial Museum Square, on March 26.

Crowds of people visited the provincial museum, on March 26.

Visitors were deeply attracted by cultural relics, March 26.

41 museums and memorial halls, including the provincial museum started to open to the public for free on March 26. It is reported that the provincial museum received more than 2000 visitors on the first day, Bengbu museum and Xiuning museum were crowded with 2200 and 560 people, and the number of visitors in museums of other cities also increased greatly.   

Many visitors from different places rushed to museums and memorial halls in the early morning on March 36, although it was noticed that museums would open for free for a long time. The number of visitors is predicted to expand continuously in coming holidays.

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