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Guo Jinlong talks about fair education at CCTV studio

source:Anhuinews release date:2007/03/07 hits:299

On March 3, Guo Jinlong, Secretary of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, went into CCTV studio to discuss fair education. He was joined by teachers and students from Renmin University of China and Capital Normal University and also families from Tongling City.

By recalling his own experiences, Guo Jinlong talked about unfair education existing both in urban areas and in rural areas. To construct a harmonious society, fairness is the basic element while fair education is the hope for every body. In the past few years, Tongling City has successfully carried out certain policies to fulfill fair education. Secretary Guo said the province will use Tongling's experience to promote fair education to a higher level within the following two to three years.

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