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Anhui Medical University

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As a key provincial university, Anhui Medical University is a medical institution with the longest history in Anhui province. Since its foundation in 1926, Anhui Medical University has accumulated a profound historical background.

At present, there are 10,836 undergraduates on two campuses. There are 22 teaching institutions including School of International Education. Different undergraduate programs and courses are being offered in 28 special fields of study. The university has been authorized to establish 3 post-doctorial scientific research programs, to grant doctorial degrees in 28 specialties, and to award master’s degrees in 70 specialties.

Anhui Medical University now has 5 directly affiliated hospitals and 6 non-directly affiliated hospitals. In recent years, Anhui Medical University has been far ahead of other provincial universities in terms of the total amount of grants from NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China).
For more admission information, please visit http://ahmu.ciss.org.cn/.