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Anhui University

source:http://gjc.ahu.edu.cn/en/ release date:2017/02/14 hits:909

Anhui University is a key comprehensive provincial higher education institution supported by the Chinese government under the State Project 211 and is the flagship of higher education in Anhui Province. Originally founded in Anqing, the then-capital city of Anhui Province, in 1928, it was compelled to move westward and then discontinued operations because of the 1937 Japanese invasion. It was not until 1946 that the university reopened under the name State Anhui University. In 1956, the university moved to Hefei and two years later resumed student enrollment. With the reform and opening-up movement’s combination with modernization, the university has achieved its most significant and fastest developmental period ever, achieving a great leap especially after its entry into the State Project 211.
In November 2007, the university was evaluated as excellent during the Ministry of Education’s undergraduate teaching assessment. Currently, the university is comprised of four campuses and one high-tech park, which together cover an area of 3,200 mu (213.3 hectares) with a gross floor area of over 1.1 million square meters. Acknowledged by the Ministry of Education as one of the 22 National Overseas Chinese Education Bases as well as one of the 84 higher education institutions that accept overseas students with government scholarships, Anhui University now boasts 96 sister universities/institutions worldwide, and co-establishes Confucius Institutes with San Thomas University in Chile, Kharkov University in Ukraine, and Baku State University in Azerbaijan respectively.
Under the guidance of the school’s motto “to be sincere, to be persistent, to be knowledgeable, and to be practical,” the staff of Anhui University have devoted themselves to the challenging work of teaching and inspiring generation after generation, and the university continues to proceed steadily towards the goal of developing into an “internationally famous, domestically first-class” university.
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