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Population and Family Planning Commission of Anhui Province

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To draft the guidelines and policies related to population and family planning; to draw up the drafts of the law and rules related to population and family planning; to formulate the relevant social and economic policies jointly with relevant departments, to promote the comprehensive management of population and family planning.
2. To study the strategy of population development in the province, and formulate the medium- and long-term plan of national family planning according to the State Council’s population controlling goal; to formulate the provincial development plans of family planning; to be responsible for the statistic work concerning family planning, organize and implement the sample investigations of family planning, to participate in the analysis and research work on the statistics of population in the province.
3. To organize and carry out the overall plan of the scientific research on family planning; organize the comprehensive and perspective study on the major issues concerning population and family planning. 
4. To formulate the publicity and educational planning of population and family planning, to organize and launch the nationwide publicity and education work concerning population and family planning.
5. To conduct comprehensive management of the technical service concerning family planning, to formulate the health-care service planning and regulations based on procreation, birth control and sterility; to assist the health-care departments in improving the health-quality of the newly born; to direct and supervise the technical work concerning family planning and the supply of prophylactic and contraceptive instruments.
6. To compile and submit the budgets and final accounts of special items including the provincial population and family planning and basic construction expenditures, and the plan of the demand for prophylactic and contraceptive instruments used for family planning; to administrate the finance of the departments under direct supervision and state assets.
7.To formulate the plan of building up ranks of cadres in the section of population and family planning and to formulate the staff-training scheme and organize its implementation.
8. To be responsible for the international cooperation and exchange concerning provincial population and family planning, to administrate the international aid-project in the field of family planning.
9. To direct the work of social communities concerning population and family planning.
10. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the State Council.
Address: No. 329, West Changjiang Road, Hefei City
Tel: 0551-65124355
Website: http://www.ahpfpc.gov.cn/  
Postcode: 230031

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