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Anhui Auditing Department

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To implement the guidelines and policies of the government related to auditing, to participate in the study and drafting of local rules in the respect of auditing, finance and economy; to direct, regulate and supervise the auditing affairs of different ranks of auditing institutions all over the province.
2. To report to the Provincial Government and the National Auditing Administration and inform the relevant departments of the situation of auditing, and put forward the proposals on the set-up and improvement of relevant policies, rules and macro-control measures.
3. To direct the following auditing work: (1). The status of the performance of the financial budget of units of the provincial level and other financial revenue and expenditure; (2).The status of financial revenue and expenditure of provincial affiliated departments, institutions and their affiliated units. (3). The status of financial revenue and expenditure of administrative departments of local tax bureau, administrative bureau of industry and commerce, and bureau of quality and technical supervision directly under the provincial adminstration. (4). The status of performance of the budgets at the municipal level and the situation of final accounts. (5). The status of assets, liabilities and profit and loss statement of relevant financial institutions. (6). The financial revenue and expenditure of social security funds administrated by the provincial administrative departments or by the mass organizations entrusted by the provincial government, and environmental protection funds, social donations and other relevant fund and capitals. (7). The financial revenue and expenditure of projects aided and loan provided by international organizations and foreign governments. (8). Other auditing items that, according to laws and rules, shall be handled by the Provincial Auditing Department.
4. To submit to the Provincial Governorthe report of auditing results on the situation of performance of the provincial budget; entrusted by the Provincial Government, to submit the working report on the situation of performance of the provincial budget and the situation of other financial revenue and expenditure to the standing committee of the Provincial People’s Congress.
5. To organize the implementation of industry auditing, separate item auditing, and auditing investigation on their situation of performance of carrying out the State guidelines and policies of finance and the macro-control measures; to accept and handle, according to law, the applications of administrative reconsideration on the auditing decision made by auditing institutions.
6. To co-adminstrate the municipal auditing institutions with the municipal government, and help to conduct the appointment and removal of the officials of municipal auditing institutions.
7. According to the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the State Council and the Provincial Government, to coordinately audit and supervise the provincial state-owned enterprises where inspectors are sent and provincial significant construction projects; to organize the auditing and supervision of other provincial state-owned enterprises and provincial construction projects.
8. According to the relevant regulations, to organize the municipal auditing institutions’ work of economic Responsibilities of the leading cadres of the Party, the government, and the state-owned companies or state-owned holding companies in their terms of office; to undertake auditing work of economic Responsibilities of the leading cadres of the Party, the government in their terms of office in institutions directly under the provincial adminstration, and to undertake the auditing work of economic Responsibilities of the leading directors of provincial state-owned companies and state-owned holding companies in their terms of office.
9. To conduct the auditing and investigation of big and important criminal cases, and assist relevant departments in handling financial cases.
10. To undertake the building up of ranks of auditing officials in subordinate organs and attached institutions, to direct the education and training for the auditing system; to supervise the quality of auditing handled by mass auditing organizations.
11. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.
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