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Anhui Provincial Health Bureau

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To implement national guidelines, policies, laws and rules related to the work of public health; to study and draw up regional rules and government regulations concerning public health, to formulate the macro guiding policies, health standards and technical standards related to the provincial public health and supervise their implementation; to conduct supervision and administration according to law over various medical institutions at different levels, to study and direct the reform of the operation system of medical institutions, and to improve health service system.
2. To work out and direct the implementation of the development planning of the Provincial hygienic undertaking; to draft economic policies and administrative measures; to comprehensively plan and coordinate the allocation of health resources in the province, to comprehensively coordinate and guide the implementation of regional health program; to take charge of the fundamental construction of healthcare institutions at the provincial level, and to be responsible for the supervision and administration of the state-owned assets of the affiliated institutions and the provincial special healthcare investment.
3. According to health laws and rules, to supervise and administrate the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and food health, occupational health, environmental health, school health, radiological health and cosmetics health; according to law, to supervise and administrate various medical health institutions at various levels and professionals, and supervise legal enforcement; to popularize laws, rules and knowledge concerning health; to be responsible for health administrative reconsideration and be responsible for supervising the legal enforcement.
4. To study and draft the development planning for medical science, to be responsible for the management of medical scientific information and research projects and be responsible for technology development, popularization and utilization; to formulate on-the-job training planning of the provincial health sectors, to guide and examine its implementation.
5. To implement the guidelines and policies for combining western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine; to formulate the development planning for traditional Chinese medicine science; to promote with relevant departments the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine; to effect the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.
6. To implement the policy of "Prevention First" and to conduct health education to the general public; to formulate the prevention planning for serious diseases that endanger public health and supervise its implementation; to strengthen the prevention and treatment of serious diseases including infectious diseases, chronic non-infectious diseases, endemic diseases, parasitic diseases, and occupational diseases; to be responsible for inspecting, supervising and guiding patriotic health campaign in the province.
7. To study and draft the planning, policies and measures concerning rural hygiene, community public health services, and maternity and child health care; to guide the construction of primary health institutions and the implementation of the planning of fundamental health care.
8.To administrate foreign affairs concerning health in the province; to organize and guide multilateral and bilateral governmental and non-governmental medical and health cooperation and exchanges; to administrate medical aids to other countries; to direct the work of relevant professional communities.
9. To formulate the service quality standards and service criteria concerning medical health and organize their implementation; to be responsible for directing the professional skills of various medical institutions at various levels and organize the identification of malpractice.
10. To study and formulate the development planning of medical professionals within the province; to direct the accreditation of professional titles and the administration of professionals; to conduct professional ethics education, to promote cultural and ideological progress in the sector.
11. In case of emergencies and natural disasters, to organize and dispatch technical health capacity of the province, to organize the rescue work of the wounded and the sick, to take emergency actions to deal with, prevent, and control the spread of epidemic and other diseases; to organize the receiving of the donations of relief medicine, relief facilities and relief funds from home and abroad.
12.To be responsible for the healthcare of those who are on the list affirmed by Healthcare Committee of the province; to be responsible for the administration of free medical service of the retired with merit and veteran Red Army men.
13. To undertake the routine work of Patriotic Health Campaign Committee and endemic disease prevention leading group of the Province.
14. To undertake the other matter assigned by the Provincial Government.
Address: No. 509, Ma'anshan Road, Hefei City
Tel: 0551-62998017
Website: http://www.ahwst.gov.cn/
Postcode: 230002

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