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Anhui Provincial Department of Culture

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Chief Responsibilities:
1. To implement the Party’s and national guidelines, policies and rules related to cultural and artistic affairs as well as historical relics and museums, to study and draft policies and regulations related to the Provincial cultural and artistic affairs and undertaking of historic relics and museums, and to supervise the implementation of the policies and regulations.
2. To study and draft the development objectives for the provincial cultural undertaking, to formulate the long-term development plan and annual plan for the provincial cultural undertaking and supervise their implementation, to coordinate the relations of the development of cultural undertaking; to study and provide guidance for the cultural administration system of the province.
3. To plan and provide guidance for the development of cultural industry in the province, to study and draft the Provincial cultural and economic policies, to guide the orientation of the operation and investment of cultural and artistic production, to comprehensively arrange the relevant funds, planned property and statistics concerning culture; to plan and provide guidance for the establishment of the Provincial key cultural facilities.
4. To administrate the cultural and artistic affairs of Anhui, to guide cultural and artistic creation and production, to give priority to the local, representative, model and experimental arts and give full play to diversified arts; to organize and guide large-scale cultural campaign and artistic performance activities.
5. To administrate the training of cultural and artistic talents, the cultural studies, and of social sciences; to provide guidance for cultural and artistic education; to organize the accreditation, awarding, popularization and management of the achievements of cultural studies.
6. To administrate the public libraries in Anhui, to guide the construction of public libraries, and promote automatization, net-utilization and standardization of public libraries in the province.
7. To administrate the social cultural undertaking in the province, study and draft development planning for social cultural undertaking and organize its implementation; to administrate and coordinate significant social cultural activities, and promote the popularization of urban and rural culture and arts, and provide guidance for the construction and development of various social cultural undertaking.
8. To administrate the Provincial market for releasing and showing films, to study and draw up the administrative regulations and measures for the film release and film showing market and supervise their implementation, to provide guidance for the construction, survey and overall balance of urban and rural networks for film release and show.
9. To comprehensively administrate the provincial undertaking of historic relics and museums, to be responsible for administrating, protecting, rescuing, excavating and studying the Provincial key historical relics and be responsible for appraising historical relics upon excavation; to guide and coordinate the development of the Provincial museums, and supervise and administrate according to law the market of historical relics; to be responsible for examining, verifying, reporting to a higher authorities the national and provincial protected sites of key historical relics, to undertake the work of examining, verifying, and reporting to a higher body the famous historical cultural cities and protected areas.
10. To specialize in managing the provincial cultural market with functional division, draw up policies and regulations related to cultural market and supervise their implementation; to be responsible for the management of the audio-video products import; to study the development tendency of cultural market, and guide the supervision of the cultural market.
11. To specialize, with functional division, in managing cultural exchanges with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan region.
12. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.
Address: No. 435, Tunxi Road, Hefei City
Tel: 0551-63631549
Email: http://www.ahwh.gov.cn/
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