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Anhui Forestry Department

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To implement such laws, rules and regulations as “Forest Laws of the People’s Republic of China” and “Laws for Protection of Wildlife of People’s Republic of China” and national guidelines and policies related to forestry, to organize and draft the local forestry rules of Anhui Province and forestry regulations of the Provincial Government, and to study and draw up forestry policies and supervise their implementation.
2. To draft the strategies for environmental construction of forest ecology and forestry development, mid- and long-term development planning and annual plan for national and provincial construction of major forestry projects all over the province and organize their implementation; to administrate provincial forestry funds and supervise the management and use of provincial forestry funds.
3. To organize and develop the construction of ecological environment and land afforestation; to organize, guide and supervise tree planting and afforestation and mountain closure and the work of recovering forests from cultivated farming lands; to organize and provide guidance for the work of controlling water and soil erosion by taking ecological measures including vegetation engineering program; to guide the construction and administration of the state-owned forest farms (nurseries), forest parks and forestry institutions at primary level.
4. To organize and guide the management of forest resources (including economic forests, fuel-wood forests and other forests for special purpose); carry out the national forest resource inventory, dynamic monitoring and statistics; audit and supervise forest resource use; to supervise the provincial forest logging quota and the implementation of the quota and the implementation of the plan of timber production; to guide and supervise licensed logging and transportation of timber and bamboo forests; to organize and provide guidance for management of forest land and forest rights, and conduct examination and verification on the occupation and taking-over of forest land according to law.
5. To organize and provide guidance for conservation, wise exploitation and use of wild fauna and flora; work out and adjust the catalog of key wild fauna and flora for provincial protection and issue it after approval of the Provincial Government; to propose the suggestions to the Provincial Government for examination and approval on establishment of natural reserves in forest ecology, wetland ecology and wildlife and organize and guide their construction and administration; to organize and guide the provincial wetland conservation; be responsible for examining and approving import and export of endangered species, and export of wild animals and precious wild plants for national protection and their by-products; to be responsible for the administration of guns and ammunitions in the province and supervise the hunting activities.
6. To guide the production of seeds and sprouts, and flower-breeding, afforestation, scale and structure of diversified management; to organize, coordinate, guide and supervise the provincial fire prevention and control; to organize and provide guidance for provincial forest police work; to organize and provide guidance in the province for forest pest control and disease prevention, treatment and quarantine.
7. To study and put forward economic regulation suggestions on the provincial forestry development; to supervise the state-owned forestry estates; examine and approve key forestry development programs.
8. To provide guidance for cultivation, development and utilization of various kinds of commercial forests (including timber forests, economic forests, fuel-wood forests, forests for herbal medicine production, bamboo forests and forests for special purposes) and landscape forests; provide guidance for the operation of forestry classification in commercial development.
9. To organize and provide guidance for forestry research in science and technology, education and foreign affairs; provide guidance for development of provincial forestry ranks.
10. To undertake the routine work of Provincial Afforestation Committee and the Provincial Headquarter for forest-protection and fire-prevention.
11. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.
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