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Anhui Water Conservancy Department

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Major Responsibilities:
 1. To draft the guidelines and polices related to the administration of water in the province, organize and draw up the drafts of relevant rules and regulations; to organize, supervise and inspect the implementation of the laws and rules concerning the administration of water.
2. To draw up the strategies for water conservancy development in the province, organize the formulation of the long- and medium-term plan and annual plan; to study and draw up the water conservancy investment plan of the province with relevant departments; according to the relevant regulations concerning the divisions of functions, to be responsible for the censoring, approval and reporting of proposals, feasible report and preliminary designing paper of water conservancy planning and capital construction projects of water conservancy and hydroelectricity, and organize their implementation.
3. To integratively administrate the water resources of the province (including atmosphere water, surface water and groundwater); to formulate the long- and medium-term demand and supply plan of water resources and the allocation and dispatching schemes of water, and supervise their implementation; to organize the demonstration work related to water resources, water and soil conservation, and flood control in the provincial planning of national economy, urban planning and major construction projects; to organize the implementation of water-drawing permit system and the levy and collection of water resources fee in the province; to release bulletins of provincial water resources; to direct the hydrologic work in the province.
4. To draw up the policies for water conservation in the province, work out the planning for water conservation, and formulate relevant standards, to organize, direct and supervise the work of water conservation in the province.
5. To draw up the planning of protection of water resources according to the State and provincial laws, regulations and standards related to the protection of resources and environment; to organize the division of functional areas of water; to monitor the water quantity and quality of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, to examine and approve the pollution-tolerance capacity of waters; to put forward opinions on limiting the overall amount of discharged sewage.
6. To organize and direct the work of supervision, inspection and law enforcement related to the administration of water; to coordinate and mediate the water-related disputes between departments, and between districts.
7. To be responsible for the administration of water conservancy in the province; to draft the relevant standards, quotas and regulations concerning water conservancy sector in the province; according to national and provincial laws and rules, to conduct administrative supervision over the bidding inviting and bidding entering of water conservancy project construction; to promote legal representative responsibility system, public bidding system, construction supervision system and contract management system in the construction of water conservancy; to be responsible for supervising and administrating the quality of water conservancy projects.
8. To direct the Provincial water conservancy sectors to implement the pricing, taxation, credit and financial policies concerning water conservancy, and to levy, use, supervise and administrate various charges for water supply; to direct the maintenance and appreciation of the value of state-owned assets of water conservancy system in the province; to direct the management of water supply and electricity of water conservancy sector in the province.
9. To organize and direct the administration and protection of water conservancy facilities, water areas and their coastlines; to organize and direct the treatment and development of major rivers, lakes, trans-city and trans-province rivers; to organize and administrate the provincial and trans-city key hydraulic engineering projects; to organize and direct the safety supervision of reservoirs, hydraulic power stations and dams; to conduct supervision over the excavation of sands from rivers in the province.
10. To organize and coordinate the infrastructure of farm and water conservancy and rural electrification in the province; to guide the work of farmland drainage and irrigation, water-saving irrigation and water supply for men and animals in water-lacking areas all over the province; to guide the construction of socialized service system of rural water conservancy in the province.
11. To administrate the work of the Provincial water and soil conservation; to study and draw up planning and measures for water and soil conservation and organize their implementation; to organize the monitoring and overall prevention and control over the Provincial water and soil losses, to organize and direct the work in the major controlled areas concerning water and soil conservation in the province.
12. To be responsible for the activities of science, technology and education related to water conservancy in the province; to organize and direct the scientific research in water conservancy, the popularization of its technological achievement and foreign exchange; to guide the construction of a competent work force of water conservancy sector.
13. To undertake the routine work of the Provincial Flood Control Headquarters of the Huaihe River.
14. To undertake the routine work of flood control and drought relief in the province; to organize, coordinate, supervise and direct the work of flood control all over the province, and execute operations of flood control and drought prevention for major river basins and key water projects.
15. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.
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