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Anhui Information Industry Department

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To study and propose the overall planning for the development of information industry of the province, to study and draw up rules and regulations related to information industry, be responsible for administrative law-enforcement and for the supervision of law-enforcement.
2. To plan the broadcasting and TV networks of the province (including wireless and cable TV network), and the special purpose networks of the departments of war industry and other departments, and implement industry administration.
3. To implement the technological policies, technical systems and technical standards on information industry, to implement the technical systems and standards on broadcasting and TV transmitting networks, to direct the quality supervision and management of electronic information products.
4. To be responsible for the establishment, examination and approval of provincial radio frequency and radio station set-ups, be responsible for radio monitoring, inspection, testing and supervision, organize and implement lawful administration of radio, and coordinate and handle the issues of radio jamming and maintain air-born radio wave order.
5. To implement lawful supervision on information service market of the province, implement necessary system for operation-approval, and implement service quality supervision to ensure fair competition.
6. To participate in formulating the policies on the charges of information service of the province and supervise their implementation.
7. To coordinate the planning, construction and administration of the special communications network, and ensure the security of national information.
8. According to the industry and technological development policies, to guide and support the development of information industry, to direct the readjustment of industry structure, product structure and enterprise structure, to reasonably dispose resources and avoid repeated constructions.
9. To promote exploitation of scientific research of the provincial IT industry, to direct enterprises to set standards for products; to enlist efforts to tackle the problems of major scientific and technological projects, and organize the digestion, adoption and re-creation of imported technology, and promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements.
10. To conduct the industry management of military electronics, implement the national development strategies, guidelines, policies and planning concerning military electronic, to coordinate the production of military electronic products and relevant work.
11. To study and put forward the planning for the development of the informationization of national economy of the province, promote major informationization projects of the province, promote the development of electronic commerce, to direct, coordinate and direct the exploitation and utilization of information resources, direct the dissemination and application of electronic information technology and direct the education of popularizing informationization.
12. To organize the foreign cooperation and exchange of economy and technology concerning information industry.
13. To be responsible for the statistical work and the release of information in given industry.
14. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.
Address: No. 70, Wuhu Road, Hefei City
Website: http://www.ahdii.gov.cn/

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