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Anhui Labor and Social Security Department

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To implement the national basic guidelines and policies related to the work of labor and social security, and to implement the overall planning for the reform of labor and social security system; to draw up the development plan and annual working plan for labor and social security in the province and organize their implementation.
2. To implement national laws, rules and fundamental standards concerning labor and social security; to study and draft local rules and regulations concerning labor and social security and supervise their implementation; to establish the law system and law enforcement system of labor security, and supervise and inspect labor and social security on behalf of the Government.
3. To study and draw up the basic policy and measures of promoting the employment in both urban and rural areas; to work out the plan for the development of the labor market, and organize the implementation of the reemployment project; to establish and perfect the employment service system; to standardize the administrative rules of job-offering service institutions; to be responsible for the draft of the relevant policies concerning the reposition, basic living security of enterprises’ laid-off workers and supervise their implementation; to formulate the policies and measures of job-creating for rural surplus labor force and trans-regional orderly flow of the rural labor force and direct their implementation; according to relevant regulations, to be responsible for the administrative work of employing foreigners in Anhui Province and sending Chinese employees abroad.
4. To implement national guidelines and policies for vocational training, to establish vocational qualification certificate system in compliance with state-enacted policies concerning vocational classification, vocational skill standards and vocational skill accreditation, to formulate the concrete measures for vocational skill accreditation; to formulate the planning concerning on-the-job training for enterprise workers, reemployment training for the unemployed and the laid-off workers of state-owned enterprises and organize its implementation; to formulate development planning and administrative rules for the provincial technical workers’ schools, employment training centers, and vocational training institutions run by the social forces in accordance with the national guidelines and policies concerning educational undertaking; to establish and implement the labor preparation system; to guide the quality upgrading of teaching staff for such vocational skill training institutions as technical workers’ schools and employment training centers; to organize and formulate specific regulations and measures for vocational skill competitions; to develop the activities of awarding vocational skilled personnel.
5. To formulate the fundamental principles and relevant measures for labor relations adjustment; to formulate the enforcement regulations on labor contract and collective contract system; to comprehensively manage the work of labor dispute settlement and labor supervision in the province; to accept and handle the administrative reconsideration concerning labor and social security and deal with administrative disputes over social security; to participate in the mediation and arbitration of trans-regional major cases of labor disputes in the province; to deal with the emergencies related to labor relations.
6. To implement national system for enterprise employees’ working time, rest, and vocation as well as labor protection policies for female workers, adolescent workers and workers undertaking special types of work; to study and draft corresponding local policies and provisions and supervise their implementation; to take charge of policy placement and deployment of labor; to participate in the evaluation and selection of provincial enterprise model workers.
7. To study and draw up the macro-policies and measures concerning the wages of enterprise employees; to work out enterprise wage guidelines; to comprehensively coordinate the policies for labor wages of foreign-invested enterprises, to draft wage income regulatory policies for industrial sectors and the income distribution policies for managers of the state-owned enterprises; to be responsible for drafting and regulating the policies for the minimum wage standard of enterprise workers and supervise their implementation; to examine and verify the wage aggregate of the enterprises at the provincial level and the wage standard of their leading principals.
8. To study and draft local rules and policies concerning the pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance as well as maternity insurance; to organize the implementation, supervision and inspection thereof.
9. To draft policies concerning the collection, payment, management and operation of social insurance funds; to verify the budget and final accounts of social insurance funds; to implement administrative supervision on the management of social insurance funds; to formulate the management rules for social insurance management agencies and the qualification accreditation standards for fund management agencies and conduct supervision and management; work out the development program for social insurance service system and organize the implementation thereof.
10. To draft policies concerning the supplementary old-age and supplementary medical insurance in government organizations, institutions and enterprises; draft certification standards concerning the qualification of agencies undertaking supplementary insurance; certify the qualification of the relevant agencies which undertake the business of supplementary insurance.
11. To be responsible for the old-age insurance of the ten industry-affiliated enterprises placed in Anhui Province by the Central Government; to be responsible for examining the qualification of fixed medical institutions and drugstores of provincial departments and organs set up in Anhui by the central government and to be responsible for annual examination and verification over them; to be responsible for formulating such relevant documents concerning fundamental medical insurance in the province as “Medicine Catalogue”.
12. To take charge of statistical and information work concerning provincial labor and social insurance and the organization of provincial labor and social insurance information network construction; regularly publicize the statistical bulletins, statistical information and data concerning labor and social insurance and forecast the development trends.
13. To organize the scientific and technological research in the field of labor and social insurance, dissemination, and application of the results; to take charge of the standardization in the field of labor and social insurance in the province.
14. To undertake other matters and tasksand tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.
Address: No. 272, Tunxi Road
Tel: 0551-2655359
Website: http://www.ahldt.gov.cn/
Postcode: 230001

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