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Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Anhui Province

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To study and formulate plans and programs of personnel system reform of the province, regulate and implement the specific measures of national personnel policies and regulations so as to make the personnel system more scientific and institutionalized and supervise and examine the implementation; to be responsible for the reconsideration of personnel administration; to study and draw up policies and rules on position-redefining and redirecting of personnel and staff separated from government as a result of restructuring.
2. To be responsible for the macro-management of general plan, structural adjustment, salary distribution for the personnel and staff working with the State organs and public institutions, to compile and design the staffing and salary plans of the State organs and public institutions and organize their implementation.
3. To be responsible for the administration work of the provincial civil service contingent, and formulate the specific measures for the civil service management and organize their implementation.
4. To comprehensively administrate the contingent of professional and technical personnel of the province and promote the construction of the contingent; be responsible for planning and fostering high-rank talents; to comprehensively administrate the work of professional promotion for professional and technical personnel in order to improve the contract-based employment system with reference to titles; to implement occupational qualification accreditation system, and qualification examination for professional promotion
5. To study and draft the comprehensive programs of personnel system reforms in public institutions in the province, to implement the reforms of personnel system and distribution system, and formulate the measures for the management of staff working in public institutions and organize the implementation of these measures.
6. To be responsible for professional human resources plan and development in the province, draft policies and regulations on mobility, actively develop, lawfully regulate and administrate the various human resources markets of the province, and establish and improve personnel dispute arbitration system; to participate in employment system reform of graduates from institutions of higher learning, and draft and formulate employment policies for those graduates, to organize and direct the employment service work of graduates from institutions of higher learning and training schools; to undertake the selection and assignment of special professionals according to national and provincial special needs.
7. To study and draft the policies, standards and macro-control measures for the salary, allowance and welfare of provincial organs and public institutions in the province and organize their implementation; to study, improve, organize, and implement policies and regulations on retirees in the State organs and public institutions.
8. To comprehensively administrate, direct and coordinate the work of government award and commendation. 
9. To study and draw up policies pertinent to the placement of demobilized military officers to civilian work; to formulate, organize and implement placement and training plans; to implement demobilized military officers placement system compatible with socialist market economy.
10. To organize and implement the international exchange and cooperation relevant to personnel policies and management, handle the implementation of inter-government cooperative programs and agreements in the area of personnel work; to comprehensively coordinate and administrate the work of introducing foreign intelligence in the province.
11. To be responsible for guiding, supervising, reviewing, coordinating and delivering service within provincial government systems in terms of personnel management work; be responsible for the work of publicity, conducting scientific researches and information management within provincial personnel management systems.
12. To undertake the administrative procedures of appointment, removal, reward and punishment of certain proportion of leading members managed by the Provincial Government; to undertake the regular work of the committee for administrating, examining and verifying the Provincial Government’s work on its duty.
13. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.
Address: No. 333, Changjiang Road, Hefei City
Tel: 0551-62655359
Website: http://www.ah.hrss.gov.cn/DEF,1
Email: stxxbs@ah.hrss.gov.cn
Postcode: 230001

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