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Anhui Public Security Department

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To implement the national guidelines and policies related to public security, to deploy the work of public security in the province, and supervise and inspect its implementation.
2. To take control of information, to analyze, study and predict the target situation and the situation of social order, and to study countermeasures.
3. To direct detection of such cases that endanger national security as counterrevolution, espionage, to organize and coordinate important operation, to coordinate in handling critical cases, emergencies, and serious accidents of public security and disaster.
4. To direct public security organs to administrate the work of social security, residence book, citizenship identification card, entry and exit affairs, and frontier inspection; to direct and implement the firefighting work, and conduct lawful supervision over firefighting.
5. To administrate the urban and rural traffic safety in the province and to maintain the traffic order.
6. To direct public security organs to perform lawful supervision over the public security work of state organs, mass organizations, enterprises and institutions; to direct the construction of guard organizations and units of economic police.
7. To organize and implement the security guard work of the Party and national leaders as well as important foreign guests.
8. To direct the work of preliminary hearings, supervision of detention houses, custody houses, and detention centers.
9. To plan and direct the revolutionization and standardization of units of public security of the province, as well as the personnel education and training of public security.
10. To organize the scientific and technological work of public security, to plan and implement the modern construction of public security facilities in the province.
11. To administrate the security work of computer information system of the province and the communication work of public security organs.
12. To direct, inspect and supervise the law-enforcement activities of different ranks of public security organs in the province.
13. To lead and construct the internal defense troops of armed police and troops of frontier defense, firefighting and guard troops.
14. To direct and administrate the professional work of the public security bureaus attached to railroad and forestry departments.
15. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by The Department of Public Security, and the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, and the Provincial Government.
Address: No. 282  Anqing Road, Hefei City
Tel: 0551-62801235
Website: http://www.ahga.gov.cn/  
Postcode: 230061

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