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Anhui Science and Technology Department

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Phone: 0551-62653883



No. 287 Chaohu Lu, Hefei City

























implement guidelines, policies, laws and regulations concerning the work of science and technology, and draw up related local regulations and rules; study S&T development and major issues concerning promoting economic and social development by science and technology, and make proposals on related policies; arrange the major layout of S&T development and the fields of science and technology that enjoy priority; advance the construction of the provincial system of S&T innovation.

compile mid-and long-term plans and annual plans for S&T development; guarantee the implementation of major S&T special projects; are responsible for formulating and guaranteeing the implementation of plans for tackling key problems in S&T development, natural science funds, soft science research and international S&T cooperation.

draw up policies on hi-tech commercialization, conduct recognition of hi-tech enterprises with related departments, and guide the construction of  high-tech industrial development zones.

draw up policies and measures on enhancing rural and social progress with S&T to improve the livelihood of the people.

draw up policies and measures to encourage the synergy of enterprise, university and research institute, promote application and demonstration of scientific discovery and technological invention, and improve innovation capacity of enterprises.

make proposals on and promote S&T institutional reform; draw up plans on S&T talents team-building and make proposals on policies; supervise the establishment and restructuring of research institutes.

compile and implement plans on provincial laboratories and make proposals on plans and policies for research conditions so as to promote infrastructure construction and resource sharing.

are responsible for budgeting, final accounting, and supervising of S&T funds under its management; propose, with relevant departments, major policies and measures on rational allocation of S&T resources.

administrate scientific discovery and technological invention, S&T award, confidential issues, technology markets and IPR protection, draw up plans and policies on science popularization to advance related work; are also responsible for managing S&T assessment and statistics; guide S&T intermediary service and promote the construction of S&T service system.

manage S&T related foreign affairs; review and approve S&T activities held abroad, the participation in international S&T organizations and inviting foreigners to come to China for S&T exchange and cooperation; approve S&T exchange and cooperation with parties from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; assist relevant departments in organizing technological export and technological import, digestion, absorption and innovation.

undertake other tasks assigned by the provincial government.