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Taking a taxi may be the most convenient transport option to navigate within cities in China. When foreigners take a taxi in cities in Anhui, you'd better pay attention to several issues:

1. Do choose the legitimate taxi. Legitimate taxis can be easily identified by the logo light on the top of the car. Each taxi should be equipped with a meter and an illuminated vacancy disk on the dashboard. The vacancy disk indicates whether the cab is available.

2. Taxi drivers may not know foreign languages, so you'd better show them the destination you head to in Chinese.

3. Taxi fees may vary from one city to another. Relatively speaking, they are higher in tourist cities such as Hefei and Huangshan. No tip will be added when you pay the fees.

4. Remember to take the receipt. The slip will contain information on the taxi, including its plate number and the taxi company. In case you leave something in the car, the receipt will give you clues to find it.

5. Taxis scare in rush hours and on rainy days. You may use apps such as Kuaidi or Didi to reserve a taxi available.


Bus is another choice for people to travel within a city. Though it is not as fast and convenient as taxi, it may offer you an extra option when you are unable to find a taxi on a rainy day or in rush hours.

In Anhui, most buses are self-service ones. Before taking a bus, you'd better prepare changes or a public transportation card. You should board at the front door and put the bus fare into a moneybox beside the driver. The back door is for alighting.

There are several yellow seats on each bus. They are reserved for senior citizens, small children, the sick, disabled and pregnant women.

In rush hours, it is quite crowded on buses. When you are on such crowded bus, you should take care of your belongings and keep balance if there is no seat available.


In 2016, the first subway in Hefei was put into operation. People can take the subway to travel in Hefei now. Passengers can buy single tickets from the ATVM in the station or transit cards at the service counter. The ticket price is calculated multi-level based on mileage, and a discount would be offered to passengers using transit cards. The stations provide bilingual service to passengers.

Shuttle Bus

In small towns and villages, shuttle buses are available for residents to travel around. Usually, there is a conductor on each bus. Fees vary from one destination to another. You should avoid taking an overloaded bus, even if the conductor urges you.