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  • The Headspring of Peking Opera —Hui Opera
    Huizhou Opera originated from Huichi Tune in Huizhou and the surrounding areas of Taiping, Qingyang and Shitai in the Ming Dynasty.
  • Huizhou Merchants
    Huizhou merchants generally refer to businessmen from the six counties under Huizhou Prefecture---She County, Xiuning, Qimen, Yixian, Jixi and Wuyuan.
  • Huizhou Carvings
    The three most famous caving styles in Huizhuo are, brick, stone, and wood carving.
  • Hui Style Architecture
    Hui architecture developed into a significant school in the Song Dynasty. During the middle period of the Ming Dynasty, gardens and houses constructed with Hui styles developed very quickly along with the Prosperity of Hui commerce and the development of its social economy.
  • Xin’an School of Painting
    The Xin’an Painting School began during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1628 AD). The founders were Ding Zan and his son Ding Yunpeng of Xiuning County, and Li Liufang of Shexian County.
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