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  • Fenlajian paper
    Fenlajian is a high-end wax mineral paper which dates back to the Tang dynasty (618-907). For centuries, access to the Fenlajian paper had remained a privilege reserved solely for China's imperial families.
  • Du's Copper Carving
    Du’s copper carving is a kind of craftsmanship using self-made tools to carve figures, flowers, birds and landscape views on the surface of brass or cupronickel daily supplies such as ink boxes, paperweights, censers, tea caddies, teapots, hookahs, wine vessels and plates.
  • Jieshou Painted Pottery
    Originating in the Tang Dynasty, the technique of Jieshou Tri-colored Pottery has created its own style in the ceramics technology by inheriting the style of Tang Tri-colored Pottery and adopting the artistic style of Chinese paper-cut and New Year Woodcut.
  • Huanggang Wickerwork
    Huanggang wickerwork can date back over 500 years.
  • Wuhu Wrought Iron Painting
    Wuhu wrought iron painting, also known as "iron flowers", has been absorbing methods and skills from traditional Chinese painting and jewelry making, as well as paper-cut and sculpting.
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