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  • Flower Drum Dance
    The Flower-drum Dance is popular in the area of Bengbu City and Huainan City along the Huai River.
  • Hui Opera
    Hui Opera originated from the “Huichi Refined Melody” of the Ming Dynasty. During the Emperor Jia Jing’s reign of the Ming Dynasty, the Yiyang Tune of Jiangxi Province came down to the areas of Qingyang County and Guichi District of Anhui.
  • Huangmei Opera
    Huangmei Opera was derived from "Caicha Tune", the folk ditties people sang while picking tea.
  • Lu Opera
    Lu Opera, formerly known as “Daoqixi”, is one of the main operas in Anhui Province. Since the late Qing Dynasty, it has been popular in areas between Huai River and the Yangtze River in Anhui.
  • Chizhou Nuo Opera
    In Guichi District, people respectfully called Xiao Tong "Mud Lord", "Master Demon" or "Case Bodhisattva".
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